A little update.


Well, the guys have voted me to be their team manager.
Oh dear~

(see the image above? that’s how my brain reacted when I heard that)

I guess I’ll be going back to my drawing board to set up a lil website and logo for the team soon.
Already booked the flight for them and have finalized the hotels list.

They’ve changed their team name to Hazard esports.
I haven’t had the chance to talk to them yet though.
I made my bf… who’s their team lead, to promise me that they’d work hard.
But, from the amount of time and work spent on their training, they ARE up to it.

Every time I see the old team lineups disband again and again and again…
I actually feel very sad.
But, I’m always told that “it’s normal”.

A couple of my gaming friends have asked me since the very beginning.
Don’t I ever get bored of watching the teams play?
Actually, I don’t.
I actually get excited… until the point I get mentally and physically tired.
It’s a different view from a third person’s perspective.
You get to see the whole forest and pinpoint issues.
Aka the bird’s eye view.
My bf seems to enjoy telling me tactics and I’d usually say what each player’s strengths and weaknesses are, from my point of view.




A team usually consists of “the brain”, “the leader”, “the talented” and “the followers/newbies”.

The leader listens, gives motivation and commands.
The rest would chip in with ideas, compromising and having mutual discussions/constructive criticisms.
Well, actually, everyone should motivate each other at all times.

The one with the highest skill level can lose to one with more experience or has better tactics, and vice versa, and if you can have both, when all are willing to teach each other their skills, all the better.
Talents can come as firepower, accuracy, speed, etc.
Not forgetting the one with the brain.
The one with the most thought provoking tactics, whether they’re new, old and/or mixed.
The one who knows the positions and what to do in most situations.

A collective effort is needed in a team, yet, not to forget to have fun and to compete maturely.
Matching personalities is a chore and a lot of teams usually have at least one black sheep, whether messing things up on purpose or not, but instead of making the issue bigger, with everyone starting to quarrel, point out their strengths so they can use that to their advantage the next time round, which can sometimes be a great way to calm the team down, where, they will then slowly shed off their bad habits.

The followers and newbies are the aspiring ones who look up to one or more people and start mimicking them in one way or another.
They can turn out to be really great opponents in time to come, if they diligently work hard, “true story”.

I actually love watching newbies with the passion to learn.
Skills can be acquired and developed but an attitude makes all the difference.

Sometimes, you need all the luck in the world to be by your side.
At other times, you just need to be calm down and brave out the storm…
Will you dare to use a strategy that might make or break the score?



Hmmm.. the update doesn’t seem so little anymore.


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