I’d like to know what motivates teams to strive on even with all the underlying issues that is faced in SG.
Are they just playing “casually”, win some competitions and then done with it?
Or are they actually aiming to be somewhere?

But, knowing that, here, not only are most of us brought up in a family where emphasis is placed on being somewhere.
Where, you have to get good grades, get a high-paying job and living in a material world.

Not my family though.
I had the freedom to choose what I wanted to do and get whatever grades I wished.
But, I lived a tough life as a kid, so I worked smart (not just hard) anyway.
But that tough life did teach me not to be materialistic.



Back to the main topic.
Plus, because of the high standard of living, striving to make ends meet for any averaged-income person is a no-brainer.

Thus, my question at the beginning is asked again.
Since, they have commitments of their own, can they really set aside so much time on gaming?
Once you have a family, will your partner and kids understand that you will be committing a lot of time gaming?
Will your kids follow suit?

I’ve only heard about young boys and their future in esports being crashed upon because of NS.
It’s best to start young, while their talent is still raw and fresh and then groom them.
That pretty much sounds like what the non-gamer guys who talk about…
The lost years that they could have spent on getting a degree or more job experience.



What about the problems with partners?
While there are more girls who game and understand the need for their guy to spend more time gaming.
Or even… when a girl who games a lot and is with a non-gamer or a casual gamer.
Are you going to choose between gaming or relationships?
There needs to be a whole lot of understanding to uphold to.

I’ve heard so many problems about this but not one person would touch upon this petty issue.
Hah… I’ve just said it… petty.

Also, as they grow older, some would prefer to “have a life”.
I know…. it’s the same old same old.

Taking things in moderation taken into consideration…
I’ve seen people with good time coordination.
Meaning, they do have time for their family and friends AND with a balanced lifestyle.

You’ll need commitment to be able to juggle between everything.



If you don’t already notice.
Players love to hop between teams, for whatever reasons they believe in.
A better team branding.
Petty fights with team members.
They simply want to follow their friend.
Many more reasons that does not need to be listed down.

There isn’t a grounded and fixed lineup that’ll last long enough.
Once they realize that it’s time to face reality and spend more time on other facets of life, they’ll just leave the competitive  scene.



I’m just curious.



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