Pande.. what??… moniuM~ oh…

Also known as PdM!

They started out in 2005 as CS:Source team.
Although, the original players were playing competitively since CS beta.
Reminds me of soccer.
Players would shift around from clan to clan, finding the right combo.

A l4d and dota team were formed later on.
But after winning a few compy in l4d, the team disband too.
Dota.. nothing.

That’s about all I’ll say about the originality of PdM! right now.

Just brought down the website early this year and some of the CS peeps were asking where’s the website?
Was paying for the online stuff yearly and thought it wasn’t worth continuing paying when the team is dead.
It’s not as if I update it anymore.

All the players in the current lineup for CS:GO are new peeps.
New.. as in.. they were never in the old lineups.
Players come and go in the clan.

I heard that their new sniper is awesome.
Nope.. I’ve not met any of them yet.
They’ve only been playing online.
Well, just won their first online compy and got a free sponsored server.

So, they’ve just been invited for a compy in Malaysia: PC.COM Game Time CS:GO Challenge 2012

They’ve also gotten an invite by Orange esports to go for this compy too.

Persistence, Determination, Massacre-athirst.
They should live up to that if they want to relive the name.

All the best.. guys~


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