Can’t say I’m having a horribly bad day today.
‘Cause it’s not all that bad.
But to have a handful of laptops having hardware issue all at one go in a day… tsk tsk tsk.
I’m surprised that I’m able to do a lot and everything AND at a relaxed pace.
Usually, I have to rush while multi-tasking on everything to get it all done on time.
There are always guests from the other country offices who’d come by and work for a couple of days or weeks here.
One such day, like today, a lady from… not sure where she came from.. needed help with some stuff.
Best part is, it’s not in English and I had to do it based on memory.
Except for some parts where I forget which is which and I had to ask her what that word is.
Hmm… that shows how much I have been doing to be able to memorise a lot of steps to fix some issues.
Truth be told, I have a horrible memory… I don’t bother to remember things.
Even if I try.. I won’t be able to remember unless it’s significant for some reason.
Funny thing is.. I tend to remember about tech stuff a lot.
Maybe ’cause it’s done in practice all the time. /shrugs
Sometimes I forget for some time.. then I’ll start to remember them again when I need that info.


I haven’t been gaming for weeks.
But I’m still watching awesome anime.
Pretty good new stuff this season.
I should update ’em in here soon… if I remember to… that is.

Alrighty then…
Off to have my rest.



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