Spent the first half of the day doing the report…. version 3 of it!

After lunch, I went out on a shopping spree at Sim Lim Square.
Bought some mice and earphones.
What I really hate is when they give a really low budget and expect it to be on par with an expensive piece.
It would’ve been a quick trip if it weren’t for the budget.
Of course I won’t buy the really expensive ones but they’re expecting something below the average price.

But, I actually enjoyed walking around from shop to shop to find a cheap but good.
Go ahead and enjoy 3rd floor and above.
Another word of advice… find out out prices, brands, warranty, etc beforehand.. it’d save you time and money.
Just Google for Sim Lim price list.

When I boarded a taxi to head back to my office, I forgot the address!

So the first thing I said when I went in was.. “Hold on”.
The taxi driver asked me “can you speak English?”
I was like *wth?* but said “I forgot the address.. let me check first”.
At a crossroad, he turned to the right and while pointing to the left, “there’s a jam there, so I’m going this way… can you understand English?”
All I answered was “yeah”.. I couldn’t be bothered to say anything else… ok… so how’d I answer him earlier? In another language?”

He didn’t say what race he predicted me to be.
I’ve had a couple of taxi drivers asking me if I was Filipino, Thai, Japanese… WTH?!!!
In normal circumstances, people would speak to me in Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu… depending on what they think I look like.
When I went to Myanmar a few months back, everyone there thought I was Burmese.
In Thailand, people thought I was Thai.
Either weird enough.. I can blend in.. or Asians look pretty much the same everywhere… NOT!

I’m a rojak.
A rojak is a yummy fruit and vegetable salad dish.
In Malay, rojak means “mixture”.

I’m a mix of Banjarese, Minangkabau, Malay, Chinese and Arab in heritage.
I can speak Bahasa Melayu.
I understand Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Jawi.
I can write in Arabic script.. words and numbers and read the Quran.

Talking about rojak.. it’s been some time since I ate that..

Oh well… time for bed~



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