Love Love Love…


Just got back an hour ago.

This what I wore this evening.
So in love with this mix and match.
It’s simple.. all bought at BKK last week.

Ahhh.. don’t mind the mirror~
I promise to clean it later.

I’m contemplating on whether to choose  Orchid Country Club or The Pines.

I have a dream…
Ok… fine… I’m always daydreaming..

Anyway, I’ve always had this vision of having a really awesome wedding.
One that includes me and my partner to cosplay as anime/game characters as part of the wedding sets.
Actually, one Malay traditional set, one English bridal dress and one Cosplay set… lol.

And the hantaran that I get and exchange with?
Gaming stuff… games in pretty boxes, PS3, PS Vita, XBox 360, parts of a desktop..
I need those upgrades now though.. /sigh

I’m not one of those super traditional kinds.
While most Malay weddings are held under flat void decks… I’m going to have mine in a country club.
No kimochi ii to have it held under flats.

Something like this..

One more thing…
I know all Malay brides would have henna set on their hands/arms and feet.
Can I please opt out of this?
Nothing against them, some a really artistic and pretty, but…
I don’t really fancy them.
/triple sigh~
I used to love these when I was really young (one digit)… I was always so excited when my grandma used ’em on my fingers.
Errr… the only reason in my head would be that I’d prefer my skin to be “clean” of tattoos, even if it’s semi permanent.
Tradition or not… I really want to opt out of this.

No idea why I’m talking about all these right now.
Guess I’m in a daydreaming mode again..
Tee hee~


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