Standing in the Dark


I fell in love with the helmet of this set when I saw it being worn by someone while I was at Cursed Shore.
The Exotic Norgu / Zhed set uses this skin.

Reminded me of a piece I did a long time ago.


I’ve been forced into a state of oblivion.
For how long… I will never know.
They pilfered my sight bit by bit whilst consuming my soul that now my heart feels forsaken and body feels so bare.
If this is hell, then… escaping is not an option.
I do not wish to live within death.

The song that inspired me to create this was Papa Roach’s Getting Away With Murder.
Sure… you’ll always get away with murder when you’re in most video games genre.. may it be rpg, fps, rts..


Anyway.. been playing this song for some time.
Standing in the dark by Lawson.



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