Lucky Guy


I wanted to share this music video.
Such a beautiful song.
David Choi’s single called “Lucky Guy”.

I’ll be travelling to Bangkok, Thailand nearly the whole of next week.
Most of the days will be spent on an IT Conference event.
Leaving me with the last day to spend on SHOPPING!
I’m not even finished on doing the tutorial/presentation on Sharepoint 2010.
I’m given a new task to do on some IT infrastructure thingy.
Great… my mind is blank… all I can think of is… lazing around.

I seriously need a new bag at the very least.
My bag is torn… I know… pathetic.
While many girls have tons of bags and shoes.. I seem to only have a few pairs of shoes and.. hmmm.. one handbag and a clutch.
Told ya.. I spend more on gaming and food than anything else.

Saw this in another link.
Wow.. I’ve thought about it before but this one tells it all in a short film.

Anyway, I know that it’s super early but I’m feeling pretty tired today.
There are always lots of stuff to do on Mondays.
Today’s no exception.



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