Finally, after so long, an MMORPG has taken its reign and left my pc obsolete.
I’m so pissed off.

It’s been ages since I upgraded my com.
All the specs are still fine except for the RAM.
No! The minimum specs shouldn’t be 2GB!
It’ll end up eating up 1.4GB and hang my com.
Plus, I’m at a location where 30+ people would join an event non-stop in the region.
With the lagometer turned up, I’m left with the joy of /force quit (if I’m lucky) or restarting my com altogether.

Rift, Aion and Tera should’ve caused a riot on my old MOBO a long time ago but none of them did.
WOW isn’t as extensive in many terms.
At the very most, I’d lag like crazy but hang?
Tested during huge events with sooooooo much more people at one spot than in a small GW2 so-called-constant-events!
They’ve never heard of the word hang in their existence.

I’ll stop whining and buy myself a RAM upgrade tomorrow.
Just when I thought I could wait until next year to upgrade the whole rig, I’m being pinned down to this.
I can’t afford to splurge this year. *sigh*

Although, I did spend a big sum on my bf’s birthday with his family… it’s worth it.. but it has left me super broke this month.
On another personal note, we’ve been confirmed a place in the Punggol BTO for a 4-room flat.
So.. yeah.. saving up for 1.. our wedding and 2.. our home.
It’s really expensive to live in Singapore. *sigh*

In the meantime, I have a fave spot in Tyria… a gorgeous mansion.



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