Guild Wars 2 ~ The Opening…



As with most games that just opened its servers to a huge population of minions, issues would occur.
I wouldn’t be here blogging if not for not being able to game.

The game started 3 hours earlier than it should… but I did see the fine print of it being mentioned that it might be up earlier by 3 hours anyway.
The server that most of the SG and my friends joined Crystal Desert.
But since a couple of other friends who started a little later couldn’t join, I moved to another one.
Can’t remember the name though.

And so.. I created a red-head Ele.
Her story goes that she was born in the slums with a sister who was killed by centaurs and blessed by the fire goddess.
Ahh… I like the sound of that.

Since I didn’t give GW2 beta a spin, it was pretty nice doing events with random strangers in an open world.
Reminds me of Rift and Tera.

The world is beautiful.
Enchanting to say the least.
I love it!
Such an eye-candy.

My next toon will be an Asura Mesmer.
Isn’t my girl just pweeeeeeety?

I was kicked out of the game a couple of times.
Mainly after I try to tele to an unknown place through the portal.
If it was that buggy… fair enough.
Logging in again wasn’t a problem.

Not until a few minutes ago.

A pop-up suddenly came up while I was playing stating that my password was wrong.
And… poof! I got kicked out… for the umpteenth time.

Error 42…
That pretty much sums up playing this.

I don’t think there is any issue with my router or firewall.
Seems pretty fine playing other games and whatnot.

Thought I’d try the forums but apparently, it has been down hours ago.
Heavy load… huh?
Sounds familiar…
With every other MMOs… for the first few weeks.

I’ll chill.
Not that I need to rush through anything.
I’m on a weeks’ vacation.
Plenty of time to spare.
Tee hee~



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