ST 12 – Saat Terakhir


Love this song.

It’s called “Saat Terakhir” by ST 12.
Saat Terakhir means Last Moments.

I’ll try to translate the lyrics into the English language.
Here goes nothing.
Tee hee~



English Version ~

It never occurred to me
Not even a bit would I realise
That you’d leave me alone

I tried so hard to deny
Yet it felt so painful
When you’re leaving me

You’ve swept your love under the gravestone
I can’t believe that this is happening
Because I really love you

This is the last time I’ll see you
My tears fall as I softly cry
I can only say goodbye to you my love

It only takes an hour to love you
Yet it’ll take a lifetime to forget you




That reminded me so much of a poem I created 2 years ago.
It’s called “Be Strong”

You didn’t look away like you had promised
But I felt your presence fading with the ticking abyss
Before I make the wrong step to lose my sanity
I’m holding onto the visions of what’s left of you and me
In any second, I’m ready to crumble and inside, I’m trembling
Yet, I can’t let you see that my soul is slowly breaking
I wish I could pull all the lost time we’ve made
If only I didn’t allow the weathers to fall on you while you wait
I couldn’t bring myself to say pretty much anything
I didn’t know if what I’ll say will turn out awfully unfitting
How badly I wanted to show how much you mean to me
In just one word, maybe a sentence or a never-told story
But there need not be any long-winded explanation
For anything that has happened along fate’s direction
Maybe I won’t understand or know why you went away
‘Cause maybe the reasons were only yours to keep ’til the end of the day
I love you.
And I’ll always do.



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