The heat of the morning sun woke me up.. lol.
It’s getting cloudy now though.

This is a continuation from last night’s post.
2 of they guys’ gf came down.
One apparently wore Barcelona’s with Messi’s name as a matching pair with her bf.



So… I’m gonna start ranting about soccer right about NOW.

The story behind my love for soccer…

Once upon a time..
Ahh.. cut the crap.

I grew up with my dad, older bro and younger bro.. my sis wasn’t born yet.
She’s 7 years my junior.
Pretty much sums up why I was a tomboy my whole youth.
Like I’ve always said… I was never close to my mum.. still not.
All the 4 of us would always play soccer together.
My dad was an alternate fan between Man U and Arsenal.
My older bro was a fan of Liverpool before he “moved” to Chelsea.
My younger bro.. an  Arsenal fan.

Anyway… while in my teens I tried to set up an all-girls soccer team
AND an all-girls army-based (NCC – National Cadet Corps) out of class curricular based activities.
It’s a co-ed school but the soccer and NCC team were only-boys-allowed activities.
This CCA is a compulsory thing we had to take up in school… but any activities will do.
Unfortunately, the girls in my school were… hmmm… not up to it.
Fine with me.

If you’re curious.. in that 4 years, I took up Choir, Library and Military Band… lmao~
I got an A overall which did help me get into a polytechnic to get my diploma in IT.
It was pretty tough to get in back then.. yeah.. back then… probably ’cause it was still a “young” course.

During those years.. the class would always be divided into 2 groups.
There was one girl supporting Man U while I supported Liverpool.
All the time~
Nothing serious.. tee hee~



Anyway, back to soccer.
I was a fan of Liverpool all the way.
If you’ve seen my “Will the real Icesabel stand up”, you could see 2 of my pictures with me wearing the LFC jersey..
I’d watch their friendly matches when they came to either Singapore or (fly over to) Malaysia.
Ermmm… I had a crush on Robbie Fowler back then.
Tee hee~
When Owen joined.. but wow.. he was an awesome player.. still.. a second fav.. behind Fowler.
Then, Gerrard came in the picture.. his skills are still great considering how old a player he is now.
Then, Kuyt.
Torres was an eye-candy when he joined though. Somehow he isn’t as good-looking when he moved to Chelsea.
Then, Skrtel.

If you’d to ask me which players are my faves right now.. Gerrard and Kuyt.
Oh yeah.. Fowler.. you’ll always be my all-time fave!
Ooh darling, ’cause you’ll always be my baby~ (Mariah Carey’s 90s song)



Pretty neutral now.
I enjoy watching Barcelona, Man City and Chelsea just as much.
But because of the fact that I was a LFC fan for years, I can’t help but not like Man U.. never them.. NEVER… haha~

Saturday afternoon!!
I’m going out.
Update later~



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