Power Women

Was a fairly normal Monday morning.
The usual bustling of people requesting for assistance and whatnot.
Monday schedule is always packed for some reason.

Just when everything was slowing down and I’m just taking my time doing the last bit of stuff before going off…
People started to come up to me to say their email is down.
After doing some checking, it appears that the main internet line is down.
My computer was hooked up to another fiber line which was meant to be for the finance department and backup during times like this.
So.. I didn’t feel the pinch.

Called up the ISP.
The first customer service guy was pretty straightforward.
Pinged over to us and asked if I’ve restarted the router.
In less than 10 minutes, he said an engineer will call me back to determine the issue further.
After a long 20 minutes or so.. it felt like years T_T
A guy called me up and asked if the internet at that moment is totally down or intermittent.
I said down.
He pinged and said he’ll call an engineer down.
By then, I was fidgeting.. enquired if the engineer would come down asap as I wanted to break fast.
He was nice enough to say someone will be down by 5.
It was a short 10 minutes talk then I was back to feeling down and wishing I could just go off.
An hour later, the same guy called back and confirmed that there was some technical difficulties from their end.
Added that I don’t need to stay back.
Since I needed assurance, I requested to be contacted back if it won’t come up at night time.
After informing everyone of the news I went off.
They didn’t call me so I remote in and checked the status.
Everything is back up.
That’s probably the far most simplest.. fastest.. “awesomest” service I’ve gotten in years!



This is just weird.
I remember when I worked under another company, I recommended the company to sub to double the speed of this current company has.
But when I tried to contact the same ISP, their customer service was of the total opposite!
It took them 3 DAYS to reply me after informing me they’d check over on their side.
I can’t recall what I did but I got it up a couple of minutes after I put the phone down.
It took ages to get through the hotline and then took ages to wait for them to keep passing the blame to different sections.

Truthfully, I’ve been a feminist for the longest time, in terms of being in the IT industry.
Since I stepped into this field, I had to constantly be treated like a noob by “IT strangers”.
I hated it but always had to hold back my volcanic temper.
It will still be “innocent until proven guilty” but they always prove to be “guilty”.
Thus, my raging feminist side would erupt constantly (only when it comes to IT matters).

It’s a really awesome feeling that ever since I joined this company.. so far.. the techie guys hasn’t treated me otherwise.
I love you guys! lol~




Lately, I’ve been thinking long and hard.
It’s gonna be my first anniversary being in this company.
I love what I do.. except when people start to be jerks.
But, I think my workload is not on par with my pay.
So, I’ll be starting to find another job before I ask if my pay could be raised or whatever they’d want to offer.
There was once when I learned somewhere.. probably online.. about an article stating why women don’t get what men get… when I was in my early 20s.
(I wish I’ve read that so much earlier!!!! If the author even ever had the inspiration to write the article before that)
Something I taught myself.
Being assertive and not leave opportunities when credit is due.

It was somewhat true.
Before that, it was all about so and so in the team or shyly say you only did a part of it, when the truth is, you’ve done a huge percentage of the work.
It was always someone else before yourself.
Too scared or embarrassed to ask for something, even when you know you deserve every bit of it.
Either way, it isn’t bad but I guess unless you have luck with you when you need it the most, you’re bound to be stuck somewhere for a long time.

One thing that differentiate me with most of my friends would probably be that I’m not afraid to try and/or quit.
It has a huge consequence to it but *shrugs*… you’ll never know until you try.
I guess that’s how I learn really quickly.
I try fast.. I fail fast too.. but I could have things working just as fast.. but either way.. I’ve learned any mistakes faster than if I didn’t learn it first hand.
It’s an awesome feeling.
Being able to garner some sort of control and.. and.. well.. the rest is a “secret” feeling.




That reminds me of something~
I actually miss people telling me that I couldn’t do it.
How it fed into my brain and just made me more fired up to go against their so-called wise mindsets.
Was that based on the positive side of my hot temper?
The sole reason for breaking rules.

Got this alumni newsletter from my polytechnic.
I never read it but would always glimpse through before throwing it away.
All that caught my eye was a sentence.
What fond memories do you have of the school?.. well.. something like that.
First few things that came to my mind was..
Skip classes with my classmates whenever we could..
Break into the school security system and chat and gamed online with my other classmates..
Copy each others’ boring programming codes for all homework and projects..
Running away from that freakish lecturer who seemed to have a thing for girls.. we’d always run away from him whenever he’d come near us.. lol
Sleep during computer networking classes..
But.. always one of the first to finish all graphic and website designing.. and php and flash coding..
I learn fast.. I mean.. I capture concepts really quick but my brain would only bother to remember a tiny percentage of them.. rofl.
Our schedule would include a 2-3 hours break in between classes on some days.. so we’d just go bowling or play pool.. hanging out and whatnot.
Ahhh… I loved those memories.
I wouldn’t do it again though.
‘Cause I don’t want to go back to school again.
Developed a phobia since I went to university.





It’s a public holiday this Thursday!
Woo hoo~
I’m finally taking a break at the end of this month… for a week.
Guess what’s coming up end of this month???!!
3 days headstart… I soooooooo need this.
I’m craving for a new MMORPG badly.

Have my “rest” before getting ready for another travelling expedition… an event that I think.. is starting to bother me.
I haven’t even start getting ready for my presentations for that event.
My usual group.. who are the ladies from admin and the secretaries.. are envying me.
(It’s known as a “shopping paradise” state.)
While.. I’m pretty lax.. ’cause… NONE of the IT peeps from all the country offices in Asia is a girl.
I’ll be freaking bored and who’s gonna be my shopping partner??!!

I’m going to sleep~
I’ll start worrying next month.



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