Daniel Sadowski’s pieces for City of Steam


I got to explore Beryl’s Folly, Gardenworks, Meluan’s Gate and The Refuge.
The music was getting more enchanting to listen to.
So.. I did a little research on who the composer was.
Turned out to be Daniel Sadowski.

Webbie: http://www.soundrama.com/
What a talented young man!
It’s not always that I’d fall in love with nearly every music score of a game.
Sure, there are some awesome tracks from lots of games but usually, there’s only probably one or two that I like but that’s about it.
In fact, I don’t listen to any game soundtracks unless it’s being played in the game that I’m playing itself.
But this… woooo.. this is just… ok.. literally no words can describe the feeling.
It might not be tuned to everyone’s taste but I’m in love with the soundtrack!!
I’m getting all excited over a small thing! Ekkkk!!! >_<



Oh by the way, I tried the game on an Alienware M17x just now.
Turned on the game to full screen and maximum graphics settings…
AND a pair of gaming glasses.. can’t remember which brand it was..
But it has yellow lenses, made the screen look wider and the graphics seem more 3D and colour of the game was “corrected”.
The world was sooooo gorgeous!
I guess I have to take back my words on it not having great graphics…
It still looks pretty normal on my own pc though.
Tee hee~



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