Lurveee the bad side

What’s my fav programming language?
VB and PHP.
No idea why I said that.


I was wondering who’d ever be able to tolerate the crappy side of me.

I’m impatient and hot-headed… I know that and I’m still trying my best to control ’em..
Which will then lead me to feeling guilty and profusely wanting to apologize non-stop.
Weird me.

I like to win but I love a worthy stimulating “quarrel” that involves awesome debates that’ll actually strengthen a relationship.
I’m less likely to give in unless I don’t give a damn about anything anymore for that particular moment or if I know it’ll just make things worse if I keep being hard-headed.

I hate clutters.
Start making a mess and I’d either start cleaning up if I’m not feeling lazy
Or start throwing stuff away if the person has extremely pissed me off
Or I’d start blabbering until someone clears it all up.
I like things to be simple and clean.

I actually don’t talk a lot… in real life or in game.
But I’d probably start nagging if someone makes me angry.

I’m a loner by default.
My parents said that since I was very young, I tend to shy away from people.
I pretty much don’t care what anyone thinks about that.
Being a loner does not mean I’m an emo or depressed all the time.
It’s just spending lots of “me time”.. by.. reading a book.. staring at the horizon (the clear night sky or by the beach or even at my window.. I’m living on the 20th storey so there’s lots to see) and daydream.. playing a game by my own, even in an MMO.. it’s just spending time by myself and enjoying it.
It makes me happy anyway.

I can be an insane workaholic.
I’ve been doing what I love to do.. getting my hands down and dirty with computers.
So, it’s only natural for me to lose track of time and be sincerely passionate in my line of work.
It’s my playground and I’ll have fun as long as I want to.
Things is, I just can’t handle humans as well as I can with engineered stuff.
Just like gaming, the effect comes up to be the same.
I’d start ignoring some requests (when it’s a one-time project), people, forget food and rest ever existed.
But once my health deteriorates, that’s when I know I’ve been working my body and brain way too much.

I have a tendency to go into gaming mode.. like an addiction that goes overboard… when I fall in love with a game.
I’d start ignoring everyone around me, game as much as possible, forget to eat and start being agitated over everything.
It doesn’t matter if you’re my family or friends or partner.. just.. leave me and let me live in my game!
I know.. it’s bad but I’d just fall out of love just as quick sooner or later.
Go into no-gaming mode and turn back into a potato like everyone else.
I don’t think I’d turn into a potato when I’m gaming.. I tend to lost weight when I game.
*shrugs* no idea why I said “potato” in the first place.

That brings me to another one.
I can never recall names and if I don’t see a person for some time.. for example.. my friends.. I’d just forget their names.
If my brain decides to go on a little holiday trip, I’d just forget what I wanted to do in a split second and not remember.. ever.
That’s probably ’caused by my short span of attention.
I forget what I’ve done after some time.. unless the memories mean a lot to me or has hurt me in some way.
Friends and colleagues tend to say I’ve done so and so on certain days.. and I’m like.. whaaaa? I did?

Did I miss out watching anime?
I can watch anime or read manga for hours!!
Tee hee~

The other side of me balances me.
But.. I’ll leave it as that~



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