Bad.. Worse

Dear Diary,

Just when I thought that my day started out really bad.
My fan broke down at 2am so I had to sleep in the heat.
My 50 bucks got taken back from the ATM and I had to call the bank to rectify the issue ’cause the money was already deducted yet I didn’t receive it.

I was wondering why that one person was leaving the company without saying anything to anyone.
Was informed to get back his computer and lock his accounts.
It was already in my mind for a while once…
Wondering why 2 people were hired to do something that person was probably doing.
Not that I really know what they were doing but I had that gut feeling.
I know I shouldn’t bother or care.. it has nothing to do with me.
But somehow I had the feeling that he was laid off.
But I feel that in the future, he might have a better future or deal for himself.
Sure… I’m not having a good time dealing with his direct boss.
And I know nuts about the facts and truth but it’s such a pity.

If I know I’d have a better chance out there.. I’d kick myself out.



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