Rockmelt.. graduation.. disband of build

Should’ve given Rockmelt a try so much earlier and not give a glance again today.
I saw an ad on Rockmelt last year.
But didn’t give a second thought to it.
Not until someone brought it up today.
So.. I tried it and I hated it.
A few minutes of testing and there goes my uninstall button.

It probably would be a fav for those who love…
FB.. FB.. FB.. FB.. RSS feeds.. FB.. FB.. CLUTTER!

Simplicity and lots of “quiet mode” for me.
I’m not a fan of FB.
I’d probably log in there once or twice a week or whenever something pops up that requires me to login.
If I wanted to update on my status.. it’ll be blogging on here.
No twitter or fb or anything along the line.
Don’t think everyone needs to know every single detail about what I think or feel or am doing the slightest thing every single second.
There is a difference.

RSS feeds are fine but it became an eyesore for me after a while.
I could easily click on my fav toolbar and get to where I want to be anyway.
(I’ve placed everything nicely and they’re all tidied up in a nice “formation”)
No difference between pressing once to the side of RM or pressing once to my toolbar.
It’s annoying to see numbers popping up at the side!

The revolution of social networking has evolved so much that it has made people seem so…. fake.
No further comments… I’ve got other things to talk about.


The third wave of people have left the guild… or was it second.
Sure, I was sad to hear the guild is dying.
But that lasted for a few minutes before realizing that I didn’t really have memories of it.

Most of them seem to be following at least one other person to some other guilds for some reason.
I could probably quit and not bother.
Don’t think I belong to anywhere except belonging to myself.
Hah.. how self-centered I am!
Seriously, unless I did have great awesome close friends in a game who didn’t backstab each other, I would consider joining them.
But, in a world of “you don’t really know who you’re dealing with and won’t show their true colours until the moment where relationships are destroyed”..
You know what you should do.

I can’t say that I’m all perfect or good.
But I’m one who hates disputes and if certain issues an be avoided.. I’d rather do so.
Guildmates from any game would call me the quiet one (that I can disappear into thin air and no one would notice).
I’d talk only when I want to.
“Noises” from guilds are mostly when people are having fun as trolls… talking about random stuff.
It isn’t bad but maybe I’m just not into that.

Anyway… I’m hungry and my tummy rumbling really loudly…
I’m done with saying what I wanted to say.



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