To the….. DOCTOR~

Was shivering and had a headache since I woke up.
I was already having flu for the past 2 days though.
But remembered that one of the ISP guy is coming down to exchange the fiber termination box.

Had to wait for 5 waves of trains before I could squeeze into the 5th one.
My toes got stepped on so many times.
Not gonna talk about the population here.

Was 20 minutes late to work.
Why is it that on normal days… I’m early and that just today.. I’m late.. just because someone is coming down!!!!!
Someone from the ISP customer service section called me to say they guy was coming at 10am.
The guy called me at 8.50! WTHHHHH??!!!!
By 9, the receptionist called me to say he’s there.
Asked a favour from her to open the server room.
Once I was reaching the office, he called again.
Asked if the receptionist or someone in the office could check the connection.
I’m like wth…
Told him no one in the office could possibly know how to do that!
It was a backup fiber line we’ve just subbed and I haven’t even configure it to the firewall, much less even connect it to any workstation!
Had him wait at the reception while I grabbed my lappie and dash to the server room to check.
It worked out.. but by then.. I was already exhausted and felt even more sick then before.

I went off after a meeting.. had lunch and went to see a doctor.
My direct boss’s secretary called me twice.. one, to ask where I was and two, an errand that my boss needed.

Just last week, there was news about my now-not-direct-boss-anymore has “left” our department and contact directly with the HQ IT CIO who hasn’t been appointed yet.
I was flabbergasted!
He was the regional IT manager for the Asia Region.. that made me his junior.. I answered to him while he used to answer to my now-direct-boss, which is the director to a department called Program Operations.
So, in short… IT is under PO.
What made me upset was that if I was to still be under the Regional IT Manager, as he moved forward, I doubt the “higher” people will assess my work well enough.
But in the end… instead of being under him.. I was placed directly under the PO director instead.
Gosh.. Been blessed for years to be under awesome bosses!
All throughout the different jobs I’ve been in.. they’ve been supportive, a great listener and would assess my work fairly.
I never tell any of them that though.
Chottomatte… I think I did tell one of them, who I still keep in contact with.
He’s in charge of the Asia region of his family IT company.
Wish I have that kind of business too.
Extremely competitive here.

My now direct boss had a talk with me just last Monday.
Asked if that made a difference and asked for my opinion.
I said.. no.
Weird.. it didn’t occur to me to say I was actually relieved.
Was feeling too sick to think .. I guess.

Unfortunately.. because of my blunt self giving the comment that the company should be open to new ideas and changes and to listen to the “lower” ones.. he’s gonna review all who are under his wing every month.
Thing is.. I hope I didn’t make anyone in my department pissed at me. lol~

Something made my day today.
The 2 regional directors and IT director of asia gave thumbs up to my IT newsletter!
Triple awesome!
Guess what I used? Internet memes!!!!
Efficient in portraying everything!
Ok.. actually.. most of my other colleagues only liked to comic parts.. meh…

I’m done blabbering.
Time to get some more rest.

To end.. let’s listen to this~



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