Sasa Sale

Sasa is having a sale!
Sasa Facebook Sale Page
I’m not really into sales but I appreciate the usual stuff I buy that’s way cheaper than normal.. lol!
But SaSa, apart from John Little, sells Mavala products.

I love this!
A huge fan of Mavala – Eye-Lite Waterproof Mascara – .38 OZ (Mavala Switzerland) in BlackNoir

I tried this before.
Quit using it after a month.
Too lazy to use.

The mascara works just fine without that extra solution.

I have a secret which I did tell random people.
There was one time when my grandma bought for me goat’s milk soap from Indonesia.
Don’t ask what brand.. it was from eons ago.. (unfortunately)
Only used it on my face.
It not only softens the skin, it lengthens my eyelashes as well.
Seriously long.
Wasn’t so vain back then so I didn’t care when the soap ran out.

Often get the usual question of whether my eye-lashes are fake with extensions.
I’d tell them.. pull them softly if you wanna know.
They won’t pull ’em though.

My other fav mascara would be from Loreal.
I can’t use Loreal’s face skin products like powders and foundations but I do love their mascaras!
Buy the washable ones so you can easily wash them off safely with water.
I hate using those waterproof solutions.. they tend to ’cause eyelash dropouts more often than not.

They do what is promised (unlike most others that are advertised with fake eye-lashes and digitally enhanced).
Does not clump!!
No smudging around my eyes.. I have oily skin and that itself promotes smudging.


I can’t use fake eye-lashes.
Always feel something “extra” on my eyelids… makes me feel uneasy.
So.. mascara it is~



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