Came back from watching The Amazing Spiderman in 3D.
IMO.. Andrew Garfield (meow~) is pretty cute.

I was wondering.. how’d he upgraded his level 1 mask to a full blast legendary set in a day.
When in the world did he inherit or obtain that tailoring skill?


Snuck into the kitchen when I got back.
Had a feeling that I should look at what my mum cooked today although I wasn’t that hungry.
And guess what?

It’s actually a hot fiery dish made with fermented durians.
And that’s a fish.. together with white rice.
It’s really rare for her to cook this.

I stayed with my grandparents since I was born ’til I reached the age of 15.
My grandma would cook this often for me, especially when it’s the durian season.
There was once when I had very high fever and she cooked it extra spicy.
I ate it for a day and my fever subsided the next day without me taking any medication.
I used to eat them together with my other fav vegetable.. jering.

I can eat these raw, just by itself as if they’re fruits or this with plain white rice.
No nutrients but.. hmmm.. I love it!!
It’s not easy to find these in Sg.
My late great grandma would send these over from her village in Indonesia or my grandma would go over to visit her and then bring some back.

When my late great grandma was still alive, my family and I would visit her.
It’s prolly 4 hours drive from Padang Airport.. if my memory serves me well.
They don’t have anything fancy in the village.
It’s on top of mountains, surrounded by fields of padi and other vegetation.
No street lights or lamp posts on the roads, so at night, when we walked from one house to another (the far apart ones), we carried torch lights and walked in pure darkness.
The “richer” ones had tv but those olden kind.. the huge bulky ones with lousy color and whatnot.
Anyway.. no one there seems to watch tv anyway.
I know I don’t.
I rarely watch tv.
Even during my last work trip, there wasn’t internet in the hotel but rather than watching tv.. which did have HBO..
I watched some movies I brought along which a friend downloaded.
There’s no such thing as a water heater so we bathed in cold tap water.. at least the water is clean.
Of course, no air con and no internet.
Life is simple there.
You can take a lot of things from me… anything but internet.. my games and anime (and my family).
I might adapt in a couple of days.
But might start to grow insane sooner or later.

My grandma.. I’ve been talking about my mum’s side.. said I looked like my late great grandma.
I used to believe her for the longest time.
Until I realized that I looked like my dad.. who looked like my other grandma.. dad’s side.
I may have my dad’s looks but I have a lot of my mum’s traits and character.

Not gonna game today.
Kind sleepy.



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