Today’s a slow moving day.
Finally some peace and quiet.
Sure, there’s still minor issues for people to go to me for help.
But, they’re touch and go issues.

Found a blog where the blogger seems to be some evil “genius” at being an IT Helpdesk for the past decade.
All the stuff he does to those who try to contact him.
Are most IT Helpdesk in those countries like that?
In fact, by the way that he tells his stories, he’s the one being a **ck rather than others to him.
Scoring points for himself for making mischief and getting away with it.
Would I do the same if I could?
Lemme think…. probably… but not always.
If I didn’t want to attend to problems and people, I’d rather quit what I was doing.
Not make hell for others.
If that was their only talents or just making ends meet.. then.. I guess.. no comments to that.
But there are some truths in his words.

I always say that at times, it’s the people causing the problems rather than technology itself.

I call these people pampered.
Calling me at even the slightest problem they created.

There was an article I read a long time ago, placing people into groups.

There is one particular group I tend to lost my temper to.
Those who  try to fix something by themselves.. cause a bigger problem.. try to explain to me what they think they know just by googling or what they so-and-so friend tell them to do.
There are also those who like to “try” to talk geek and tell me things I don’t want to know about.
Ok.. if you know so much.. probably more than me.. why are you asking me for help or telling me stuff I know of or don’t care about?
Alright.. I’m egoistic enough that sometimes, I can’t be told of things that I have to do.
I will admit if I’m wrong but I hate it when you tell me what to do when I know what I should do.
If I can fix your problem in under 5 minutes.. why’d you have to make my life hell by making a problem bigger than it is by doing what you think is right?
And there are those who would stand ground to their ideologies and theories that that one thing is wrong and worse of all.. I caused the problem earlier (some cause and effect of a problem I solved much earlier) which was not true.
Yet, I still took it all in.
After explaining the problem and what my solutions are.. they won’t believe me.
After asking an outsider (a professional IT person).. saying the same thing.. they believe those people!!!
I’m like.. WTH??!! You believe an outsider but not my diagnosis.
And they said the same thing!

It does make me wonder.. why’d I even help so much in the first place.
Oh yes… I love doing that.
Well.. not until I start to get frustrated.
These are the kind of people who make those who genuinely want to make things work quit or go insane.

If I could hire they guy whom I mentioned about earlier, these people would’ve been fried and be placed in hell long enough to appreciate what the rest of us do.
He’d probably get sacked and blacklisted by my organization in less than a couple of days though.
Oh well~



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