You’ve defeated Diablo III (Inferno)

Nothing much to be proud of actually.


I tried to solo Diablo Inferno for hours.
Changed skills so many times.



Changed to:


Kept dying at phase 3.. gave up and called someone to help.
Just one try with no deaths and it’s done.
Yup.. that’s why I’m not proud of it in any way.
It wasn’t done solo.

Basically, changed my body armor to more vit/more hp regen, boots to vit/movement speed.
Before, was using Int/all res/vit, boots was int/all res/hp regen.

Skills played a part too.

Frost Nova – Cold Snap : Everytime Diablo or my shadow decides to pop up beside me, I freeze ’em and run.
Hydra – Venom Hydra : My main dps
Energy Armor – Prismatic Armor : Increased defence to 6k and all resistance to 700-800+
Mirror Image – Extension of Will : It’s a little nicer than the one with 5 mirror images as it lasts a little more longer, so I can run further.

Magic Missile – Seeker : No matter where I am, it damages hard on my enemies
Ray of Frost – Numb : It does slow down Diablo at times

So… yeah.. my damage dropped by half but my def was buffed up.
Will try to solo this again.



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