Back from the Golden Land

I’M BACK!!!!
I miss home T_T

Was in Myanmar from Monday to Friday for work.
Let’s see…
Did the exchange email transition, giving IT training, meeting their suppliers, Auditing, reviewing the new IT policies with them… bla bla.. yawnzz…

Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about work.
Let’s talk about the country and my experience there!

Left Singapore at 7am!
Upon reaching, I saw endless fields of plantations and villages.
Reminded me of when I was over at my late great grandmother’s village in Indonesia when I was younger.
I loved going there.

Was picked up by a driver working for the company at Yangon International Airport.

What caught my eye was this sticker on each side of his car.
We headed to the office as the hotel won’t let me check in until 2pm.

I didn’t take photos along the way but I wish I had.
There were “walking shops” on the road itself.
When the vehicles stop, people would be walking on the road passing each vehicle and selling their goods.
Ranges from food to magazines/newspapers to cigarettes.. probably there are more stuff that I haven’t seen other than these.

Young kids were working… carrying poles of food and selling by the street.
Some were doing construction work.

Modes of transportation include this pickup truck with handmade planks for seats at the back.
Reminded me of Thailand.

The men wore sarong-like longyis and the women wore long skirts.
Same with school uniforms… white shirt and longyis/skirts.

A lot of them have Thanaka on their faces.
I bought some! Tee hee~
Known to be used as cosmetic beauty.
It cools their skin and provide protection from sunburn.
Also believed to remove acne and promote smooth skin.
As explained by a schoolmate last time.

Most would bring food from home in the levels tin food carrier, as seen in picture above.

Eating out is fine.
The stuff are very cheap here especially food.

I was told to be careful of what I eat as I have a sensitive stomach.
I can get stomach upset quite often but I didn’t have any bowels problems there though.
It’s said that if you’re always “pampered” to “clean” and correctly-cooked food, you might get into stomach upset problems if you eat at “random” places that cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the place and ingredients.
Oh well~

Anyway, that’s the IT manager for our Myanmar office in front of me.
Didn’t take a picture of his face though.
He’s a really shy and soft-spoken person.
Hmmm… so is my IT boss.
Then again… I’m quiet too although I’m not soft-spoken at all.
I just don’t like to talk a lot but when I do talk, I speak my mind.

The places to eat are cute.
Tiny tables and chairs by the roadsides.
With an umbrella perched in the center if it’s in the open.

Oh yes.. it’s the rainy season.. so.. please don’t mind the not-so-perfect pictures taken in the car.
Tee hee~

The markets are all in the open.
There’s one that I went which is under one roof though.. one floor.
Like the one shown below.

A night market.

What’s with all these shaky pictures??!!!
It looked fine in my iphone.

Rows of shops~

On a bridge

Lady in red wants to buy some fish.

The seller is weighing the fishes on an old scale.
That thing still exist!

The IT Manager joked that this was their MRT (Singapore’s train).
Gosh… that as the first time he joked or even started a conversation!

Of course, visiting Myanmar wouldn’t be completed if you don’t visit what it’s well known for… pagodas!
Went to Shwedagon Pagoda, which was near my hotel.
The IT Manager and one of the IT Officers accompanied me there after work.
You’ll only get to see their backs though.

Ok… that’s it!!!
My photography skill is a total FAIL!

There they are =X

We has to seek shelter as the rain poured before I took this picture (above).


And…. the view of this pagoda from my hotel.
Yeah.. it’s so tall that it can be seen from afar.

The hotel room.

Overall, the people of Myanmar are very nice, soft-spoken, most are shy.
It’s quite hard for me to understand their English.
Vice versa… even in the office.
They rarely speak English.
From what I was told, they have a subject on English language in school every year but it’s not emphasized upon unless they go to university, which is a must.
But… hmmm.. even the grads don’t seem to be able to speak English fluently.
Nothing bad about that but I find it tough to communicate with them.
Had to use simple words, shorter sentences and repeating is essential.

Really love how simple their lives are!
I love how peaceful it is. (I know about the current issues in Yangon)
But luckily I didn’t see or come across any trouble there.
I mean.. the stress level feels close to none.
Taking their time to do their daily routine.
It was awesome in that sense.

It probably would’ve been better if it hadn’t rained every day.
My work there is done.
I’ll be going on another work trip in September.
To Bangkok!
Not sure if there’s another slot before or after that.
They wanna send me to Bangladesh to see some database programming project.
Noooo… I will NOT look forward to anything that has to do with database or programming.


Oh yes.. one more thing.
The internet… omg.. no words to describe it!
I was given free wireless access for a few hours in the hotel.
Wanted to watch a 5 minutes clip and it took half an hour to load.
Gave up and only used that few hours for normal surfing.
So, no internet access for the past few days other than that few hours.
Was told that the government controls the internet.
Not sure whether they meant by it’s ISP govt controlled although the main ISP belongs to the govt..
Or the government has the power to just turn off the internet overall whenever they have a reason to do so.
Anyway, I was deprived of the internet.
So… *shrugs*
I’ll get my dosage when I’m back home.

I hate tv.
I did bring some movies to watch but I was craving for some anime and youtube.
Of course… no gaming!
Ekkkkk! +_+
Was itching for D3 on the first night.
But I was pretty tired by the end of the day every day except on the first day.
As, after work, I was brought to places.
It was the Pagoda on the second evening.
Mini downtown open market and a small mall third evening.
Was brought to the mall but I said that I wanted to see and experience things that I don’t get to in Sg so we left.
Tried the local food.
On the fourth afternoon, went to see their local IT suppliers.
Apparently, they are not able to get a handful of brands and types there.
EQs are updated though.
After that, visited the bigger market, the one under one square big roof with side shops at its 4 sides.
Where I finally found good stuff to buy home.
We don’t have bubble/chewing gum sold in SG but I can’t find any to buy.

Time to get some sleep.



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