Secret to Studying

Felt as though I was forced to do homework just like back then.
It’s work and I’m not forced to but if I don’t get some things ready, all that I need to talk about would be all over the place even if I have all the facts.
I’ve finished it already though.
Played D3 for 2 hours before regaining strength to do the work.

Did a presentation last Friday.
About… the IT Policies of the organization.
Was thinking of ways to make it not seem so boring.
I know I had to read pages and pages of the policies and it bore me to death.
In the monthly IT updates newsletter I sent out, I’d usually add in comics with one main short and to the point paragraph about what I wanted to get through to.
Apparently, people who didn’t like reading liked the comics and images, so, my message was still sent out.

As much as the stigma of IT people being boring and geeky or nerdy or whatever they wanna call us…
Have they looked at their own selves in the mirror?
I hate boring presentations… boring lectures.. boring meetings.
Seriously.. why do you have to waste a person’s time and not get your message across?
90% of the time, like some of my colleagues, aren’t listening… getting sleepy.. scribbling and drawing away.. playing on our mobile phones… “voices going in the right ear and out the left ear”.
I’d rather get my usual work finished instead of going to these stuff.
It’s not bad.. but sometimes… it’s not fruitful either.

I was actually surprised that double the amount of people who accepted to come for the presentation came.
It wasn’t compulsory and I was expecting no one to turn up.
After all, what can be so nice to listen to anyway?

While a couple of my colleagues use Prezi, I use Mind Meister.
Prezi is pretty good but I didn’t have enough time to do it up with so much data to compress.
This month is a really busy one for me… events and projects back to back.

Mind Meister uses the Mind Map concept.
Something I picked up when I was in Secondary School.
It was introduced to us by a random person (no idea where he came from) who came by our school to promote it.
From then on, mind maps became one of my best friends to study for my exams.

I love the English language… literature.. writing.. reading… a philosophical person since young.
I had the most awesome maths teacher that even those who hated maths scored pretty well.
Learned that I hated anything to do with maths.. finance.. etc after I graduated from there.
I love art in all forms.. to do them and to appreciate what others offer.
But what stays longer in my head are images compared to words or the last in the bunch… numbers.

Now.. this isn’t something everyone would prefer.
There are those who’d prefer long wordy stuff to memorize.
Although I love reading and learning.
No matter how much I train my brain to memorize stuff.. it fails me constantly.
But I grasp concepts very fast.
Mind maps = very little words.. drawings.. scribbles => They work well .
I did try to teach some friends who wanted to know how I studied.
But not all could get use to it or meets their needs or methods that are like a second nature to them.

It reminds me of drawing out the network diagram of an organization.
Images.. lots of them.. linked in one way or another.
I enjoy doing those!!
Tee hee~

You could Google Mind Map concepts and get to know it.
Who knows, it could be one of the techniques that could help you a lot.

Well, at least the people who came for the presentation weren’t bored.
We had small discussions and everyone chipped in.
So no one slept.. lol.
Instead of an hour as I predicted it to be… it came out to be half the time.

Only thing that gets wordy is my blog.

There is no secret in studying or learning.
There is no short cut.
There are lots of techniques to help and improve.
The rest is up to you and your brain to work things out.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you grasp a concept or a topic.
It matters when you understand, remember and put it into practice.

You try to take “short cuts”… you’ll only get part the theory right.
But if in a formula, it needs a yellow and blue to be mixed to turn green… and you only read about the yellow.
And if the yellow is hazardous by itself without the blue to neutralize it… THAT’S IT.

I love science! I miss it.
Except that if I wasn’t in the IT Field, I’d be in the Field of Psychiatry.
Heh.. that has nothing to do with anything here.



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