The Secret World Beta Invite

Got the invite 2 days ago.

Was pretty interested in the game when I saw it being advertised last year.
Not sure what to expect.
Didn’t really understand what the mechanics were when I skimmed through a couple of aspects when I signed up for the closed beta a long time ago.

I’ll give it a go and have a look.



“The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get to explore and enjoy more of the game than ever before.

You can continue your progress from the last beta phase as your character has been saved. If you want to participate in this Beta Weekend and the Beta Weekend starting June 22nd, all you need to do is pre-order the game!

Your adventures in this Beta Weekend will take you beyond Kingsmouth and into a massive new region known as The Savage Coast. Here you will soon discover that the very gates of hell have opened up, inviting you into an epic dungeon experience known as ‘Hell Raised’. But that’s not the only dungeon available; a wrecked supertanker known as ‘The Polaris’ has been spotted off the coast of Solomon Island.

The game has received significant enhancements since the last Beta Weekend, with improved content, gameplay mechanics and performance. In addition you will get to experience the updated combat system as well as full DirectX 11 graphics! We are very excited to share all this with you.

The Secret World Beta Weekend #3: Hell Raised starts at 9am PST on June 15th and lasts until 11.59pm PST on June 17th.”

Apparently, they’re also using what Tera did with their beta sessions.
It’s the in-thing marketing regime now I guess.

It used to be months of endless closed beta then open beta but FREE.
Then it changed to weekly beta or chosen weeks of a few months closed beta then open beta but FREE.
Then it changed to weekly beta but you only get one weekend to test it and you’d have to pre-order else you can’t continue playing where you stopped if you don’t have a new beta key.




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