Treasure Farming

This guide concludes a number of observations that are related to the items which the monsters/bandits drop, so then you’ll have a better idea of a creature’s worth.

The observations are based on the behavior of around 208 monsters. These are the Treasure Goblin (28%), Treasure Bandit (30%), Treasure Seeker (21%) and the Treasure Pygmy (21%).

Act III Inferno Farming
Vanguards posted an article over on ArenaJunkies that covers some of his thoughts on his time in Diablo III. Within this article he includes a farming spot he used in Act III Inferno to get some good gear. You can check out the video below and the full post over on ArenaJunkies.

Treasure Creatures Drop Rates
Another of our members by the name of Cyeron has made some interesting statistics on the drop rates for Treasure Creatures. The info covers drops on tomes, gems, white, magic and rare items. You can find his very detailed topic over here.

A quick summary from his post:

  • Treasure Goblins are generally all-around great to kill, dropping mostly gold and magic items.
  • Treasure Bandits have the by far best drop chance for Tome of Secret (I had one bandit dropping 5).
  • Treasure Seekers drop gems primarily, usually 2-4.
  • Treasure Pygmys may be ahead in gear quality, but this is not concluded – the sample size needs to be improved for this

Act 1 Inferno

Act 2 Inferno



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