Y u no love me?

Can I RAGE???!!!!!!!!!!!



Just when I have the mood to game, it’s time for D3 to come down for maintenance.
The best part is that I found 3 nice weapons that I decided to buy after I had my shower ’cause I just got back home just now.
Didn’t want to buy at the point ’cause I was still contemplating which one to buy.
Now… all will be gone once I can log in at 2am…
If I stay awake that is…
I doubt so..
So depressed.

I logged into DN instead.
I should’ve bought the +11 Main Weapon Code this morning.
They were selling it at only 13m.
Now it’s been OP at 18m.
Stupid resellers!
I’m so not gonna buy it at that price.
So… I logged out.. feeling double-depressed.

Fate can be cruel.


*runs off to CRY*




*sniff* *sniff*

I was supposed to go over to DPRK *to get killed*.. ermm.. ok.. j/k.. I mean.. for work.
But since they only allowed one visa per company or so I heard from my IT boss.. so he had to go there alone.
I wanted to see the system there!!!! Y u no love me either?
Ok.. on the bright side… maybe it’s a good thing.

Instead, I have to go to Myanmar to help with some MS Exchange transitioning.
Shoooo!!! *newbie coming through*
Y u no let me do what I want to do??!!!!

One tiny good news today though.
Well.. I think it’s good news.

The one who requested me to do the programming project went through with the latest version with my IT boss…
And the Logistics Manager who used to do Database in his younger days.
BUT, he suddenly announced that it will be used not only for the Asia Region offices, but everywhere else too… so the Middle East, Europe, US and whatnot will be using it.
I panicked!
I talked to my IT boss after that.
I must’ve been naive to say I’d try doing the project.
He told me that if I think it was out of my capabilities and taking over the time frame of my usual work routine.. I should think twice before taking it up.
But if I have some free time, taking up a small project here and there would be good experience.
But continues to warn that end-users will only see the end-product and pinpoint the flaws and nothing else.
Great… now then he tells me.
I was literally going all… OH NO! What am I suppose to do?!!!

I told him I didn’t like programming though.
But I didn’t tell him my history of during my years to take my IT Diploma.. that I was one of those who’d copy work from others. Shhhhh~
It’s not that I can’t do it.
It just gives me a huge headache and takes up a lot of my energy… that’s about all.
So.. it places a negative impact towards me overall.

I didn’t continue doing that project after having a short meeting with my IT boss.
Instead, I decided to do another project for another team.. which was designing some stuff.
It took a load off my back and I forgot all about the other project.


An hour later, I closed that work up and opened the stressed-me-up project and had a look at it.
The answers dawned to me.
Seriously!! I doubt people would believe me though.

Don’t ask me how I get answers out of nowhere when I do anything IT.
(That’s why I said… after years of trying to find what I’m supposed to be good at.. I realized that this comes like second nature)
I’m now left with one section.. the last part.
So.. that’s the tiny good news.

Sure I’ll say answers come my way out of the blue but I won’t say I know much.
For one, no one can ever know everything.




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