I could die, ress, die, ress, die, ress for hours just by sitting in that seminar this afternoon.
It was BORING!
I’m not much of a talker IRL, due to a hundred and one reasons, much less even project my inaudible voice…
But, if I had to do a presentation in front of a big group or send out my monthly IT updates company wide…
Getting precisely to the point and no jargons… as much as possible.
It’s pretty satisfying to hear people remembering those short points I was trying to portray.
I’d usually add more graphics than words.
If possible add in comics… you can remember those better than even just one word.
Probably because if I get a page of words about something I think would bore me to death, I wouldn’t bother to read.
So… from my own experience… whatever I think will bore me… will bore others by double.. triple.. quadruple!!!!

Anyway, I came across something small and insignificant which the Microsoft guy touched and go upon.
By 2013, 80% of businesses will support workers using tablets – Gartner
Sure, it was predicted 2 years ago but it really is well on its way to be fully true.
But maybe not 2013.
Let’s give it another one or two years.

I think of it as… more of mobile usage.

80% of my colleagues, who I think of as my clients (from my point of view) are using iphones.
I’m exclusive of the group as I’m using HTC Incredible S but I’m gonna change it to iphone soon.
The 20% are pretty much using BlackBerry.
Some have both.
But all are using their phone for primary email usage, if their laptop/desktop isn’t available.

There are events happening nearly every month in my office whereby people from the different country offices would come down.
And a handful of them would rather bring their ipad than their laptop.
Even the older generation (but high level directors) would rather use them.

The only problem that causes me to have a headache on is the high wireless traffic.

70% of my colleagues have to travel to different country offices.
It’s only a matter of time when everyone would prefer traveling with a light portable ipad rather than a laptop…
If it wasn’t so cumbersome to do documents on it (in their point of view).

Oh yes… talking about ipads and iphones…
I was just at an Apple service centre last week to drop in one of the directors’ macbook air to get the battery fixed.
Just thinking about it.. a macbook air really is yummy.
*shakes head*

It struck me as how cool it is to be Apple certified and working more towards Apple products.
But… hmmm… I had a feeling that I wouldn’t want to do that right now.
I’ve been job hopping far too frequent and I think that I’d be able to get a lot of opportunities in gaining a whole lot of experience in this organization.

When I was finding a job and this was one of the 3 interviews I went to that offered me a job.
Of the 3 that offered me a place…
One gave me the highest salary but half of my job scope would be programming (OMG! NOOOOO!)
One offered me the lowest salary but half of my job scope would be designing (Oh shoot… I really want to break away from this!)
The middle one which I accepted and am working at now… well… after the interview and a one-hour paper test (Shuckkks… it was like… WTH~)…
I had a feeling that I should be working there… a strangely strong magnetic feeling towards it.
It was a different job scope and offer before the interview but they amended it and said it’s an open-ended job scope because it’s the first time they created this post.
*Weird… this organisation has been around for 92 years*
Did I ever regret joining this and not the other two?
Yes… a few times… when I felt like the world was trying to swallow me up in there.
But, the ups and downs phenomena will always stick around.

I found an ex-IT boss’ blog one time.
In one post, I knew he was referring to me although no names were mentioned.
He said something along the lines of that he didn’t want to think/believe that I was never serious about being faithful to a company.
Because he knew I was a job hopper ever since I graduated with my useless degree.
A part of me actually felt sad after reading that.
In a way, he wanted to believe that I’d choose to stay.

I didn’t tell him the full truth to why I job hop back then.
I’ve only told a very small handful of people about the full story.
It’s not that I want to.
I just had to.

But, I’m glad that he’s doing well with his team now.
Sometimes, I think that he really does it on purpose to message me every time he has an opening for another techie to join his team.
He won’t ask me directly but the hints are there.
But before and just after I quit, he and his elder sister (who takes care of the company over in UK) told me that if I ever needed a place, they’d take me back.
She was so sweet when we talked over the phone once.

That reminds me.. I told a friend once..
A job is like a relationship.
You either find the wrong one, leave and move on or you find the right one and stay.
But there are also times when you were at the right one and leave and then maybe.. or maybe not… go back.
You could either downright hate what you do or the people that surround you at that moment or it could be the exact opposite.

My longest commitment to a company had a special story by its own.
Some day, I’ll talk about it.

One thing I’d like to express is that, I never.. NEVER forget someone’s kindness.
You guys are always in my prayers for best wishes.
I believe in what goes around comes around… so, some day, your kindness will be repaid.



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