I have no mood to do work today.
Worse of all, I’m expected to attend a boring one-day IT forum tomorrow.

My head’s getting “stronger”.. I can survive without a headache while doing programming now.
What the…~

I didn’t sign up for this!!!
When I first joined, my job scope was purely on technical and software support for the office in this country and 2nd level support for Asia.
That alone can make me go bonkers at times.
Not because of tech problems but people problems.

I never did once tell anyone of my competence level in IT.
In my point of view, if I don’t say it, I won’t be given that job scope.
Unfortunately, even so, people seem to think I can do everything related to technology… not even IT related if you ask me.

The HQ decided on migrating our intranet.. then.. BOOM!
They expected me to do design work and html.
It was easy since I was a web designer when I was younger.
But still.. I quit web designing because to me it was time consuming and not fulfilling to do.


Then they decided that the old system was well.. old.. then… BOOM!
They were expecting some database.
I’ve done databases from scratch but I never found it interesting at the very least.
They’re hiring someone to do it as one system for all… but now they wanna send me to some countries to go through the development stage.
How boring~

And now… they decided that another system needed an upgrade.. then… BOOM!
Programming project in my hands.
I hate programming.
I actually love web coding but not programming.
Programming needs lots of concentration and my short attention span just won’t do me justice.

Lots of people ask me why I have a honors degree in Banking and Finance but am in the IT field right now.
Never really did have a good answer until lately.
“It comes to me naturally.”

There could always be something new coming up but just by finding and catching a few points, I can grasp the concept and fix/do it.
Sometimes I surprise myself but.. like I’ve mentioned before, some tough to handle people make me feel like I want to give up in this field.

I never did like finance.
It was taken up due to parents and ex-bf pressure.
After that, I never did listen to anyone’s advice and went on my way even if I had to start from scratch and work my way up.

How many times have people going up to me telling me it’s a waste not to be in the finance sector or that I don’t have enough experience or qualifications for it and to give up?
Enough to make me go berserk and finally refusing to listen to anyone’s so-called advice that never did help me in the first place.

If they wanted to be in finance.. then THEY should go for it.. not me.
I’m not living their dream for them.
When I suffered, they weren’t there.
Who are they to say something is even good for me?
It’s not all roses in any side of any field.
There are always the ups and downs.
Even if I could get a much higher pay back then… would I have love what I did?
A big fat NO!
I’d be suffering every day of my working life.


Sure.. sometimes I feel lazy and don’t want to work…
But at least I like what I do… minus the tough troubles.

My IT ex-boss messaged me on whatsapp.
Other than him who just got married, apparently, he’s finding another person to join his team.
I always hear him say that whenever he messaged me.
He has just let go of a newly hired guy.
Reason being that he had the qualification but didn’t have enough experience and couldn’t communicate well with the clients.

That made me think for a good full 10 minutes.
I’m the opposite of that guy.
I don’t have the paper qualifications but I have the experience.
If I hadn’t known an ex-boss who gave me lots of problems during my early years, I wouldn’t have been given a finch by any companies to hire this noob newbie.
Just graduated with a totally out-of-sync degree with nothing but passion.

Ah… passion.
Where does that lead to?



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