Auction House aka AH Issues

Bah… they didn’t fix these problems since Closed Beta.

AH has been bugging me since this morning.
Look at that…
[PH] This text should be replaced with game data~

Lag… sure.
Tell me about AH lag.

I had bid for an item last night before knocking out.
Actually, someone has been trying to outbid me to an item.
Stats aren’t Godly but it’s really really really cheap for those stats.
I’ve been so pissed that people keep outbidding me for ALL the items I’ve set my heart upon.

So, I decided to let people keep bidding it without me intervening.
The amount got a little higher.
I then stayed up until the item was expiring in 5 mins before I outbid the last amount… which was like.. around 2am.
I was already exhausted by 11 but I wanted that item so badly. lol
And ta-da… I won it without making the amount too high.
Couldn’t receive it yet so I went to bed.

Just now, it was already ready for collection but it won’t go to my stash.
Gave up and went for some runs with some friends.

After lunch and watching some anime, I went back to see the AH.
I didn’t try to retrieve my winning item but went to search for a glove.
There it was… a cheap and good glove.

$$ was deducted but no item to be retrieved.

People were complaining in US D3 Forum about the AH.
I was like… oh well.. I don’t mind.. but I wish I could try my deliciously yummy new weapon I won yesterday.

If this was Dragon Nest, I’d:



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