PLvl Runs and Farming

I find it a teeny weeny bit funny to hear the Scoundrel saying ” Let’s see; we’ve killed the Lord of Gluttony and Maiden of Lust, but aren’t there a few more sins left? We should try not to run into them.”

Oh yeah? We’re about to kill the Lord of Sin himself!

It used to be Azmodan + Iskatu runs to plvl.
Used to be Azmodan: 44800, Iskatu: 44800.

It has just been nerfed to Azmodan: 9600, Leah = 0, Iskatu: 25000
Not that I leveled this way.
I went through the storyline all the way from normal to hell.

An alternative would be Act 2 Quest 2-2 Hell Mode.
50k not inclusive of the mobs you need to kill.
Much more quicker than the fore.

For farming, Nightmare Azmodan run is still pretty lucrative.
The total blue drops are abundant in that one run.
Rinse and repeat.
A little note: don’t miss out on opening the chests, they drop good stuff too.




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