It’s been a really busy week for me.
Feels like time flew by too swiftly.
Went to work really early and went back late.

I didn’t even have time to watch any of my anime this week!!!!

So tired!
Not been getting enough sleep.
Picture above shows my dark rings and eye bags.

Been doing programming for the past 3 days.
I hate it!
It gives me a horrible sharp pain at the side of my head.
Yet, it does feel kinda satisfying.. a little.. hmmm… a tiny bit.

So many problems going on.
Technology problems AND people problems.
Sometimes, it’s the people who make a small tech problem seem huge.
But what pisses me off the most is when they think that I owe them something.
I don’t.
It’s a job.
It’s my passion. Well, it should be.
Yet… because of hellions like them, there are countless times I feel like quitting what I’m doing altogether.
If they treat me like crap, I’ll start ignoring them.
I won’t stop helping but I’ll be avoiding them to no end no matter how nice they are after that.
I can NEVER get over the fact that it’s almost rarely a thankful or appreciated job.

Gonna get some rest.
Oooo.. my head~



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