Level 60

This should’ve been long due… getting to level 60.
Used to be a hardcore gamer but I’ve been slacking off as of late.
Took a snail slow pace of 57 hours.
Pretty slow for a quick to level game.
And yeah… I didn’t finish hell.
Always got into lousy parties that never could finish up the acts.

Nothing to rush about anyway.
Most of my friends are taking their own sweet time leveling.

Was telling a friend how I’ve toned down.
Got a reply of “you’re just… less crazy”.
It used to be days of extremely little sleep… forgetting to eat.. not until my tummy grumbles horribly to remind me of the time.
I used to call gaming an obsession… an addiction.
But, an addiction that I can toss aside whenever I feel like I should.
Cause when I feel like I should just stop for whatever reason, I could go into a gaming hiatus for months.

Was checking out the achievements section and found this.


The beta wasn’t that fantastic to begin with.
Can’t level high enough to try out a whole lot of skills.



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