You’ve Defeated Diablo III

Third day of playing D3.
Just finished the storyline…
Normal Mode~

Solo-ed Diablo at level 31.
Actually, there’s one boss I had to re-do 5 times just to kill him solo… Izual.
I only died by Diablo the first time round because I panicked when he sent me to his shadow/evil realm, dying seconds after I killed my shadow.
So, let’s say Diablo’s kill was considered easy.

Usually, once a boss fight starts, I’d be running around and seeing what the boss does.
Then find a tactic to dodge and attack.
The lazy me can’t be bothered to read up or watch vids.

Anyway, for Diablo, as you can see, my skills are as follows.

1. Frost Nova + Frozen Mist
2. Hydra + Arcane Hydra
3. Storm Armor + Reactive Armor
4. Archon

5. Electrocute + Forked Lightning
6. Disintegrate + Chaos Nexus

Basically, it’s all about hit and run and filling hp up by the 2 wells in the east and west of the map as I go along.
Placing Hydra beside Diablo as he does place his attention at my Hydra at times, and I’d quickly Disintegrate him.
Hydra becomes my main damage dealer.
Frost Nova him before he reaches me or when he suddenly teleports at me… it’s not used to freeze him but just to dot him a little.
When the lightning effect does conjure up from my Storm Armor when he teleports beside me, it’s a bonus.
Ice Armor would’ve done a nice job too I guess.
Since I’m usually far from him, his lighting breathing habit would have no effect on me.
The only thing that I’ll need to avoid would be his cages that spawns on the floor as I run.
One slow click and he’ll grab my throat and drain my blood to a quarter.
Only used Archon when his hp was a teeny weeny bit left… and arcane strike him non-stop.

Wizard Skills:



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