Nameless Tyrant Tomb - Abyss Speed Time

Wanna know what my toon is using? View my EQ – March Version

Nameless Tyrant Tomb - Abyss Speed Time

Nameless Tyrant Tomb – Abyss Speed Time

Alrighty then…
The latest update on my Dragon Nest Force User toon.

Main EQ

Main EQ





Upgraded my Manticore Ball to +11 (too lazy to update any of the above images)

In summary..
Magic Attack: 3343 – 4033
HP: 49634
MP: 52909
Critical: 9047
Dark Attack: 21.00%
Final Damage: 817 or 91.9%



To do:
1 3rd stat FD Heraldry

3 minutes to finish NTT Hell… pretty awesome.

Just a while ago, someone was saying that I should have gotten different skill heraldry… instead of my Summon Comet and Spectrum Shower.
Well, let’s just say I’m too lazy to talk or even reply at that moment.

One thing people will not understand is that…
The very reason I created my FU instead of the easier and cheaper toon (EL)
Is because its more challenging (and FRUSTRATING) to play and maintain.

I didn’t follow anyone’s build although it was initially based on the very idea from another well-known FU player.
The idea that there is always an alternative.
I made my own built based on my own calculations, whether others deem it as right or wrong, is none of my business.

I’ve got to admit that my first build was a cookie-cutter dark-attack FU with the usual skills.
But it didn’t feel right… or even fun to play with.

Sure, I’m different.
But what’s important for me is whether I know how to control (use) my toon well as a backup team player or solo.

Being different is actually fun.
It means you’re unique.
I’m not the only one with this build.
I’ve seen a small number with similar builds who have shared their build with others.
But my skills range is still pretty different than the rest.

Main thing that’s important is whether you enjoy and love what you’ve created.




Cash Shop Sets that I’ve owned 😀 (I’m a collector of beautiful CS Sets)

July 2012 CS

July 2012 CS

Valentine's Day Set

Valentine’s Day Set

Dec 2011 CS

Dec 2011 CS

Nov 2011 CS

Nov 2011 CS

Oct CS

Oct CS


4 thoughts on “Wanna know what my toon is using? View my EQ – March Version

  1. Hai There u playing at greenwood as well ?
    I have an FU my self, and I must say your Gear Build is awesome…
    though I havent seen your skill build, But I can tell ur taking the light skill tree am I right ? with summon commet additional btw…
    you must be rich gurl T_T

    • Yup! I’m playing in Greenwood and it’s mainly the light skill tree. I’m not rich >_< There are better off people than me. Just enough to buff up my FU.

  2. Hahaha yes I know ,but for a gurl .. you are considered insane !! lol just kidding
    my FU is nothing compare to you … >.<
    well keep up the good work …!! love ur blog



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