Apocalypse Nest

Apocalypse Nest Completion! W00t!

Apocalypse Nest

Apocalypse Nest

It was our first (all the four of us) Apocalypse Nest Hell full completion and a picture of the Royal Chest we received there!!

Tee hee~

Here’s our combo!

1. Fury of the Owl > Increases the critical chance of yourself and allies by 600%
2. Spirit Boost > Increases the movement and attack speeds of your allies by 30% for 13 sec and decreases skill cooldown time
3. Nature’s Rage (Ultimate Damage) > Dash forward, dealing a flurry of attacks. You take less damage while using this skill.
Damage Taken: -50%
Magic Damage Taken: -50%
Physical Damage: 2751%

1. Provoke (what we’d call taunt) > Taunts enemies within a frontal cone to temporarily grant you more threat than their current targets. The Stun Chance and Critical Chance of taunted enemies temporarily decrease
Duration: 6 sec
Enemy Stun Chance: -20%
Enemy Critical Chance: -20%
2. High Block Rate > tank
3. Heal
4. Divine Hammer (Ultimate Damage) > Summons a gigantic hammer to smash the unworthy 3 times.
Light Magic
Physical Damage: 1103%
Magic Damage: 1103%

Force User (Ehem… me =D)
1. Mana Flow > Grants a buff that decreases the MP consumed by you and allies by 20% when using skills
Duration: 60 seconds
2. Time Stop > Stops time in the area around you, forcing nearby enemies to stop moving
Duration: 2.5 sec
3. Fast Forward > Twist time around you to allow skills to be used more often.
Lasts 13.0 seconds
Cooldown decreases by 80%
4. Force Mirror > Sets up an unbreakable barrier in front of you. The barrier increases the magic damage that enemies take
Duration: 12 sec
Enemy Magic Damage Taken: +20%
5. Beam Tempest (Ultimate Damage) > Fire a large array of powerful lasers at enemies. A magic sphere protects you while you channel this spell
Magic Damage: 1794%
Damage Taken: -75%
Magic Damage Taken: -75%


1. Lifesaver > Buffs all party members so that when they take what would’ve been a killing blow, their HP doesn’t fall below 1 for 60 seconds
Duration: 60 sec
2. Infinity Edge (Ultimate Damage) > Focus your will to perform an unstoppable barrage of powerful attacks. You charge forward every time you press the attack button, and will take less damage while using this skill
Damage Taken: -50%
Magic Damage Taken: -50%
Physical Damage: 2667%



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