Diablo 3 Beta Invite

OMG!!! Diablo 3 Beta Invite!!

Diablo 3 Beta Invite

Diablo 3 Beta Invite


Okay… I didn’t check my email until today.
Got the invite last Thursday.

An ex-guildie from DN was from a known guild in WOW and got the invite sooooo much earlier.
He was going on and on and on about all the new chars and skills.
I got a little frustrated…
I gave up waiting.

Diablo is like… one of my fav games.
Had a history with it.
Played Diablo, II and II:LOD… again and again and again.

Okay.. I was once a blizzard fanatic.
Loved Warcraft and Starcraft Series!!
YES!!! I’ll probably be able to tell you the story of most, if not all, the chars in Warcraft and Diablo and how the storyline goes.

Ehem… I read all the books too.
Need I say more?

Although I did try the beta for WOW when it first came out..
Didn’t play it until 2 years ago..
Because of a couple of friends dragging me into it.
As many have gotten the beta key for Cata too,
I didn’t even play the beta until it went live.
I’m over WOW.
Still think it’s overrated and from my point of view…
A gamer since the 90s,
I never did think it’s the best mmorpg in terms of a lot of points.

Ohhh… I remember when I played Diablo II and II:LOD.
It was during my 6-months holiday after my “O” Levels.
So addicted to it that I played it day and night
Forgetting to eat or do anything else.
Epic teenage life I have.

This is an AWESOME early birthday present from blizzard!
❤ ❤ ❤

I know… I’ve gone bonkers~



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