Icesabel Nov 2011

Level 32 Cap

Icesabel Nov 2011

Icesabel Nov 2011

When the patch (cap level at 32) came out…

All wanted to do was

1. Level to 32
2. Wear the Cerberus set.

That’s all!

Such a simple dream.

Not until I quit BAPE and joined Eternity (guilds).
It seemed as though my items and built was… well.. kinda simple.
Pure Int + Magic Attack.
Raw damage was 2.5k.
Crit was only 2.5k+.

I’ve decided to go for Dark Attack now.
First thing I bought was Tough Melanie Earrings.
First potential was str and something.. I can’t remember.
So, I reverted it back and obtained Int+Vit+Max HP.

Since I couldn’t find a good Brilliant Violet Ring, I’ve decided to keep my old ones for now.

Instead, I tried my luck on changing the potential of my Cerberus Staff.
Initially, it was Int+Fire+Ice.
Reverted it and got Magic Atk+Agi+Int.

All my Cerberus items are +7 except armor, which is +8.

I was also thinking of going down the Critical path.
But it’s going to take a whole lot of potential reverting AND changing my cerb set from Intellect to Wind.
Let’s do this change slowly…

For now, what I’ve learned (how ignorant of me to do things simply last time… lol):
Critical/Dark Attack > Magic Attack > Int
Things will look up even more, for dark attack, when the 3rd job comes out.

I’m in love with the Force Mirror

1. Useful for blocking various projectiles and mobs
2. The damage boost is significant. Yummy!
What I find frustrating…
Some FUs would place it directly in front of the group!
Sure, it helps when you’re soloing but in a group, it’s block the pathway of the rest of your teammates!
I’d usually place them at the side or back of my group, after all, the buff radius is pretty huge.



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