Back to school?

Been in a little “mess” with some things at work.
Not that it’s that bad though.
Decided that I wanted to take up a specialist diploma, but, it’ll be a one year night-classes course.
A director volunteered to sponsor me for the course, which is really nice, but, I’m afraid that I’d be too tired for anything else or even work on the next day.

I’ve taken up a couple of courses since I started working and I know how tiring it is just to work full-time, even during weekends and night when needed and still have to go for classes and study (crack my brains out and tire me).
Don’t want to be cranky than I originally am!

In addition to the “pressure” of seeing my other friends of my same age group to already have kids.
That tick-ticking sound… in my head.

But, I heard from a colleague that there might be plans after I take that course.
Sadly, not a plan made by my boss.
Asked if I wanted to focus on one specialism, instead of being a Jack of all trades.
I knew that if there is a plan to do that, I’d have to take way more courses and tougher ones at that, to move towards that goal.
Somehow, I wasn’t ready to swerve out of my comfort zone to take even more of my extra time, if it were to ever be realised.

A lot of things are changing in the office.
A whole lot.
Indirectly… it’s affecting me.
Since I went back last month, I’ve been trying to invalidate negativity out of my system (about work).
Not sure if I’ve been taking my time or I’ve been having too much that I can’t make out the time.
Which then makes me lose track of it and I tend to realise that it’s already time for lunch or go home.

All I know is that, some people are leaving.
Some of whom are moving up the ladder and moving towards global instead of just this Asia region.
They’re all planning… and I’m part of it, although, I don’t know whether I’m suppose to be in the front or the back.
Have I chilled out so much that I’ve not even given thought to what I want in the future?
Or am I so clueless about it?

Taking things one at a time and I have until the end of this month to confirm whether I’d take up the course.
My brain is doing is thing and saying…
What if I took up that course, change my scope and decide to leave instead?
If things didn’t look up, I’d still have this.
Not saying that things are bad, but, I’m so unsure about a couple of things.

Why is it that people trust me so much anyway?
On the outside, I see this idiotic girl who only wants to be recognised for something thatt she loves to do.
She irritates me at different points in time in my life and yet, I don’t see much of a choice, but, to love her.
Because she’s me and I’m her.
Many a time, I think that I have a little more luck in this field than anywhere else and that’s the so-called gift or talent that I was born with.
Not a real talent.
Just luck.

Then again… I might just be mumbling away because I’m confused right now.


<3 Icesabel


I’ve been more self-concious about who and how I really am as time goes by.
Since being married and with a change of lifestyle, I’m sensitive to sense and notice these small bits about myself.
One of which, is that, I realise how much I truly love my me-time.
I knew I love it, but, I didn’t know that I’d appreciate every moment that I get hold of it.
Not saying that anyone is always busting into my space, but, when I was still single, I had more me-time than I have now.
It’d probably change even more when I have kids in the future.
Yes, I’m aware of that fact.

Every year, I travel about 2-3 times a year.
The guys at my work place travel way often than me… what not with our job scopes of being the Asia HQ and working closely with our other region counterparts globally.
Last year was 5x, if I’m not wrong.
Most of the time, I travel alone and I love it!
Don’t get me wrong.
I do love company, but, there seems to be a preference here.

Some people actually get travel anxiety… I know a few.
But, I love taking flights to the sky.
Anything, as long as, they’re not long-hours in a bus!

What do I exactly do for a trip?

Can’t say that I’m a fashionista, but, I love putting together a good set before going out on a daily basis.
Although, my dress-code is mostly towards relaxed or cool, with mostly block colours and put together…
I tend to have a colour matching system, which includes my shoes/sandals and bag.
So, I’d put out all the clothes that I’m going to wear from day 1 to the last day.
Literally, day 1 wearing outfit 1 and day 2 wearing outfit 2… kinda thing.
Usually a pair of shoes and sandals that would suit all my outfits.
Of course, a luggage, a normal-sized bag (usually only to carry stuff to and fro the plane ride) and a small purse (when I do my sightseeing/shopping).
Obviously, face and body stuff… all packed nicely in travel bags.
If it’s for work, my work laptop, else all the other electronic stuff, even the universal power plug.

I’d usually download videos to my ipad and watch them whilst on the plane.
If not, since I rarely fall asleep on planes, I’d just daydream and listen to the music on my phone or watch a random movie from the plane’s movie list.
Most of my plane seats is booked by the window, ’cause I love looking out at the clouds, tiny land and the vast sea.
Definitely NOT that person who sits by the window and yet, closes the blind. >_>
Turbulences are actually a nice change to the boring smooth-sailing trip. =X

I’m that person who plans for every trip.
It doesn’t have to be precise, but, I would hate it if I didn’t know what to do for the day/evening.
Not going to stay in the hotel, unless I’m really lethargic and just want to relax in the hotel pool.
So, I’d have a short list of where to go for food and shopping or whatever else I want to do.

If I do go shopping… well, I’m not exactly a fan of shopping with most people.
Partly because a lot of people I know of tend to have different tastes than mine or get tired easily, etc.
Not all.
A couple of fun people is alright too, if I wasn’t too into anything.

I love exploring.
Being me… I love places that educes nice memories or the feeling of peace and tranquillity.
I love walking a lot (even on a daily basis.. whilst people take buses, I walk).
So, yeah… I walk everywhere, unless it’s really far away.

You know…
It has become a habit to travel that I feel some anxiety if I don’t travel.
Probably partly why I was upset and left, when I couldn’t travel in the new job.
*oh shucks*

Maybe I love “running away” from reality for awhile.

One thing’s for sure.
I rarely post pictures or tell anyone where I go in any social media platform (considering I only login to facebook once in a few weeks and this blog once in a while.. and nowhere else). lol~
So, I do know that my reason for travelling (work and/or personal) is purely for myself alone.

Oh yeah… I’m flying next month!

<3 Icesabel

Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60

— Based on the Closed Beta version – North America server

I’m not going into skills in detail or how the game works and whatnot.
There are a few lying around in the web.
But, I’ll be touching only on the one that I’ve been playing on my sorc reaching level 60 as a fire-built.

That’s pretty much all the skills that I use!

The rotation is simple.
Have 8 on.
1 – 2 – F3 – F4 – 7 – 3 or 4 – 5 – 3

Boss fights would include the rest.

Make sure to have 8 on all the time.

8 – Arcane Focus
I’d prefer this over Arcane Amplification because of the mana regen. But, if you’re into pvp, I’d recommend AA. Not sure how others’ gameplay is, but, I tend to shoot fire non-stop and before I obtained this skill, my mana would deplete quickly and was a waste of time for me to stop once in a while.

Make sure you’re at the max distance from the mob.

1 – Ritual Pyre
Attack + dot. Even way before I had the passive skills to gain more fire marks in the later stages, Ritual Pyre almost always gives me a fire mark

2 – Fireball
The one where you use at level 1! Heh~ Higher base dmg, but, lower dot dmg than RP

F3 and F4 is when I feel that the mob does a high physical hit on me, else, I’d just stand there.
Basically, it’s a combo to immobilize the mob and then jump backwards to safety. Just make sure that your back is empty from another mob’s patrol radius

I’d add in F1 to jump forward in addition to the F3/4, when kiting a boss around

F6 – Mystical Internment
I only use it on bosses, if possible, but, it basically only immobilize and disable the skills.

F7 – Interdiction
I only use it on bosses. Interrupts the mob’s skill cast (yellow bar you see on the mob’s head)

7 – Thermal Retention
Only when Ritual Pyre does not create a fire mark, I have this triggered

3 – Flame Breath
Instant base dmg + knockback + -movement speed. I’d prefer this over 4-Ignition, because it has a 50% chance of ignoring the usage of a fire mark (see my passive)

4 – Ignition
Instant base dmg + additional dmg on a mob with Ritual Pyre. Only when Flame Breath is on CD, that I use this, even if it has a higher dmg than Flame Breath.

5 – Incineration
Instant base dmg (only when the mob is at 30% hp).
The rotation is always between 3, 4 and 5.
You’ll eliminate the need for long cast time.

6 – Phoenix Ring
Ultimate high base dmg. Cool. …

Oh yes…

F5 – Burning Blow
Used as AOE dmg, although it doesn’t do much.

F2 – Infernal Circle
Unless there’s a tank in the team, I feel that it’s a waste of time to use it since it’ll cancel when you move. But, you can use it  all the time if you want.

F8 – Mana Shield
Pretty nice in a boss fight for its -50% received dmg and threat level.


They meld in nicely with the active skills that I’ve selected.
Let’s start from the top left to the right (the circles are passive skills), shall we?

Combustive Salute
Deals 50% dmg after Ritual Pyre ends. Bonus!

Blaze Mark
15% of creating a fire mark on any usage of a fire skill

Pyrotechnic Puncture
Permanent 10% piercing + increase atk equal to 30% of piercing

Fireball +20% dmg on a mob with fireball’s dot

Heat Seeking
Party receives +4% atk for 5 secs when you use a skill that uses a fire mark

Burning Barrier
When your hp is below 50%, a fire shield appears for 6s.  +60% def +80% atk on all targets within 5m radius each time you’re being attacked. + 250 mana regen. Awesome!

Scorching Memento
20% chance of applying SM (receive crit dmg on all dots for 5s) on a mob affected by Ignition or Flame Breath. Yay!

Glowing Ember
50% chance the fire mark will return upon using a fire mark

Thermal Conduction
50% chance of not using a fire mark with a Flame Breath

Smoldering Seed
+6% dmg for 5 s on a mob affected by Flame Breath or Ignition

Yup… that’s it!

<3 Icesabel

Echo of Soul

I’ve been…
Playing Echo of Soul during their Closed Beta (Imidoom server).
Was given the key earlier and decided to give it a try since I had nothing else to play.

Not sure why they set up 3 servers, with which Imidoom is the youngest, when, it’s always “empty”.
Was in a guild, added by a random person, but, other than that, it was as if I was the only one playing in the server.
I rarely see anyone else around whilst doing my quests and whatnot.

Honestly, there isn’t anything special about this game.
As generic as any MMORPG can be.
The weirdest part is that, I had NO TROUBLE in killing bosses that needed to be diced up via a “party” or “co-op” in the open world (not dungeons) by my own.
Neither did anyone of another class complained.
Quests are in abundance and even upon reaching 60, I didn’t even get to finish those from the late 50s.
It’s a beautiful game, although, not as HD gorgeous as Tera or Aion.
However, there are a few repetitive maps, but, that didn’t matter.
Overall, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Since I was bored afterall.

If you know me… I’m one of those gamers who love going around looking at pretty places. XD
Anyway, I’ll share a bit of my expedition.

I’ll write up a short skill guide that I’ve used on my fire sorceress in another post. 

Here we go… to have lunch before we start.  Nom nom nom~

Made friends with a snowman!
lol~ Somehow, my pet anteater looked retarded. >_<

You can easily take pictures that look pretty as a desktop wallpaper.

Going to the graveyard doesn’t seem so scary… but, the ghouls do look pretty ugly.

Even the world of the dead looks pretty.

Couldn’t help it… you’ve got to see my pet cat dozing off (those bubbles above his head.. lol~)

Another one of those beautiful places… they’ve got fairy lights all over. Gorgeous!

Castles! Lots of them around.

The blue… is… mesmerising!
I’m blue.. da be di da be dai..

Oh yes… my dog.
Doesn’t he look cuddly and cute? ^_^

And of course… reaching the max level for Closed Beta, 60.

<3 Icesabel

Weird weird

Had the strangest dream last night. I hate numbers… to death. But in my dream, I saw vibrant 3D-like holograms of the world filled with numbers. I have no idea what the numbers mean, but, I was “solving” a lot of numerical problems very quickly.  I was more to.. “Hated the dream, rather than being happy and embracihg some sort of ability”. That’s how much I hate numbers. Give me tech problems any time, but, never numbers. Grrrr…

Biting Back


I’ve just been bitten because of a system issue and if I hadn’t done my best at that time, nothing would’ve been resolved at all.

Really? Maybe I shouldn’t even bother to help on weekends because even the  hq doesn’t do that. That’s what we get for being too nice. I’m sure they would rather wait until a weekday.

Forget it. I’m going out shopping. Yummy… And eat my hershey sundae pie while at it!

</3 Icesabel

What day is it again?

Friday was Labour Day.
A public holiday.
Unfortunately, I didn’t even notice or remember about it on Thursday.

One of the regional directors said it wasn’t compulsory for me to come down to the office the next day.
As long as I could do remote work.
I replied with a “but, tomorrow is a friday”.
My face when I realised I didn’t know that!!!!

Then, he said I’d probably need a re-assessment of my life after that.
I still went to the office, but, left just before 12.
Clearing off what I needed for the day.

Me… the one who is always looking forward to a holiday and have been craving to travel overseas since last year.
Oh well.. not sure if all the work is catching up on me.

<3 Icesabel