Digital Heroin?

The article on “It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies” caught my eye earlier. Then, saw another article on fear-mongering on the usage of digital technology for kids. I’m not going to repeat what they’ve said, so, do read it up at your own time first.

I know me. My experience first hand. Who and how I was and am.
Gaming since the early 90s, back when I was on MS-DOS (pc), Sega and Nintendo consoles.
Doing IT based on freelance, (for fun – gaming-based community) and work, since I started studying IT back in the early 2000s.
In addition to that, my used to be on-and-off obsession with gaming all throughout, something I’d like to touch on right now… an addiction.

The good thing is that I’m lucky enough to be able to differentiate between going too far in doing something and lacking behind in something, since I was young.
The bad thing is, as a normal human, I’m susceptible to being overdosed in something because we do perceive something as a norm at some point in time when doing something similar or in a pattern – or… get sucked in it.

I wouldn’t know how things will be for the future, but, if I do have kids, I’ll probably be the parent who will inform and teach my kids why and how technology works.
Nope, I will not give a smartphone or tablet to my kids, until, they’re matured enough (not by age – because for me, I was older beyond my years, even when I was in primary school – but, everyone is different, of course) to understand the difference between needs and wants and the good and bad of technology.
It’ll be tougher for me on one scale, because both my husband and me are avid gamers and we chill/relax or take our mind off work/reality by gaming, most of the time.
But, having technology itself that controls the rest of your ability to think well on doing your daily routine (such as work and school) and future endeavours, shines a red light.
Whenever I see young kids glued to their mobiles, I’m like.. “you’re missing out on a lot of things in life”.

Even as a techie, I don’t even really like being glued to my smartphone or ipad.
I’ll only whip them out whilst having long journey on the train and whatnot.
Which is just watching youtube or reading latest updates from my friends on fb.
ps. I rarely play the pokemon go, which, a lot of people are/were crazy about (and people are very surprised about thinking it’s supposed to relate to the amount of time I game).
Not even part of the zombie cult of being glued to a phone while walking, either.
I like to look around (except looking at people).
There is no correlation between my gaming hobby and being an IT personnel with being crazy about technology.
I HATE it when people talk about work (IT-related) or whatever latest IT thing is going on, especially when I’m off work.
You pretty much know so much and work with IT most of your waking life, that you don’t even want to go there, sometimes.
As I’ve said, gaming is my “time-off”.
So, even if you always see me gaming when I’m off work, it’s only because I don’t like going out – due to crowds, wasting money – you know.. the tendency to shop, yada yada.. I’m not exactly a people-person and I neither drink nor go to clubs/pubs/etc.

I’m going off-track with my rambling.

People can get hooked to something, more so, a child who doesn’t have enough capability to see the wrong in doing something – excessively, yet.

In my experience/POV, I do not get hooked to something I don’t like playing.
But, once I enjoy playing a particular game, there is a big possibility that I’ll get addicted to it.
To the point where (based on when I was still in school), I’ll miss out on proper meals, wanting to do the usual chores (studying, etc), sleeping less… in short, not wanting to do anything productive.
Most of the time, I would stop the binge because my skin was worsening (lol), because due to the unhealthy ways of not eating at the right times and the right kind of diet, touching my face after touching the mouse, keyboard and table – you know.. facepalms and getting angry and going all “omg!” moments sort and the likes and of course, not sleeping enough or enough sunlight.
Well, I’m still a girl who still cares to be presentable, in some way. +_+
Ah yes… the anger part.
I remember getting agitated with people.
I just didn’t want to be around people, at all, only because I only wanted to game and wanted to run away from “extra” activities of being told to do housework or going out with friends.

Back then, technology and video gaming were still young.
People didn’t know what could go wrong with it yet – the after-effects of excessive or addiction to technology.
The problem with now is that, it has become part of life to use technology.
Nearly everyone has a smartphone.
It has been integrated with the daily duties of a person.
You can’t exactly run away from its usage, but, you can control how and when you use it.

It should actually be easier on parents who aren’t glued to computers/smartphones.
Then again, the first thing that came to mind are people who love watching tv a lot, not much of a difference in that or one who wants to “silent” a child whilst the parents are doing something else.

I prefer my childhood though.
The one before I got addicted – I  only started to get that addiction because I was on a 6-months holiday from school, when I was 16 and it continued to live on and off through to my mid 20s.
Before that, I was doing A LOT of things, even though I was on video games once in a while.
That childhood where I played out in the sun, climbing trees, rolling in the field and playing soccer in the mud and rain, catching snails and lizards, oh.. how I love swings and jumping in mid-air.. haven’t seen a swing around here for years, swimming!! I would go swimming for hours and come home late and get scolded and I was very dark skinned because of swimming and running a lot back then – I tanned as quickly as I become fair back again. Ah yes, going fishing and it was pretty often.. nearly every weekend and cycling when I was bored fishing! Playing oldskool local games – five-stones, chap-teh, hopscotch, cat’s cradle, etc. Martial arts. I pretty much self-taught myself things like playing musical instruments and rollerblading because no one in my family knew how to.
Actually, even when I’m travelling, I tend to forget to take pictures because I get engrossed with everything around me.
The kids nowadays don’t do these.
If I could trade back the addiction years, I’d do more of those.
The only free time I have now is after work (and then, night school).
By the time I want to be out in the sun, the sun’s already out.😄

How did the parents in this time and space become afraid of their kids of getting sick, anyway – afraid of their child falling and getting mere scratches and whatnot?
Did their childhood get taken aback?
Just… wondering.
They’re not going to build their immunity system to a good average, that way.
— Probably why I can still stomach street food from other countries without getting sick, compared to a couple of people around.

Yes, times are changing.
Kids are now always on social media, trying to be known or obsessed with one’s self – don’t say it isn’t you when you’re always taking selfies with photo editors to make them look perfect or like some sort of animal, addicted to taking photos of food and whatnot – instead of enjoying the company of people around you and the good food you’ve been blessed with, the rise of digital abuse/bullying, easier to “communicate” with strangers – leading to problems like stalking/bullying/rape, etc.
Tougher on a parent too.
It’s not just about taking away the technology.
That’s inevitable.
It has to move towards educating on the usage instead.


❤ Icesabel

Not the last

Read from my fave HR writer that penning down your plan helps on focusing and being able to see what has happened so far, looking into the past and of course, working out the future, as things change and having to mould yourself with it.
Not sure whether I’d post that much, but, we’ll see.

This evening’s class will be the last class.
It has already been A YEAR!
Oh gosh…
Well, I’m going to miss my classmates.
Heh >_<
But, it definitely is the first step in my new career plan.
I’ve been asking myself whether I’ve lost the spark or fire for the passion I’ve had since I fell in love with the “new field”.
I’ve become a little complacent and feeling quite comfortable in my bubble lately.
The “good thing” is that there have been so many problems at work (the kind where you can’t fix or handle – out of our control) that I wouldn’t mind moving on, anyway.
But, the main point was whether the fire had burnt out.

Next would be to do a self-study for another certification which I’d have to take before the end of this year.
Was listing down the next steps for next year, as well.
If my current organisation decides to create the new positions next year and I can obtain it, then, I’ll apply for a scholarship for a part-time masters.
If that doesn’t happen and I get pissed off, then, it very well means that I should be looking elsewhere.
Then, take another self-study recognised certification.

How ironic!
For years, I’ve kept saying that studying is useless to some point and I believe more in having hands-on experience.
I still believe in the experience, but, the certification studies did help a little.
Bad thing is, I can only remember things if I do stuff hands-on or learn by mistake.
Problem is that if I don’t get certified, I’d have to work all the way up from scratch again.
*ain’t nobody got time for that*

I have a dream…
That as a “neutral good”, I’d achieve some things for a lot of people.


Bumpy ride ahead!


❤ Icesabel

Songs for the weekend

Listening to these currently😄

>>> Why isn’t this song being watched? It’s so lovely and calming!! (a tad sad in the lyrics)❤
Rob Thomas – Pieces

Casting Crowns – One Step Away

Tinashe – Pretend ft. A$AP ROCKY

Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You

Danny L Harle – Super Natural ft. Carly Rae Jepsen

Dreezy – We Gon Ride ft. Gucci Mane


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Clothes Ban

Wear whatever you want – even if it’s cringe-worthy.
Oh gosh…

Apparently, banning the burkini (France) and burqa (Germany) is/will be a thing.
The burkini looks more like a loose wetsuit with a head cover.
So, what does that have anything to do with terrorism?
Just because the trend is to be half naked, while swimming, for most parts of the world – which was quite the opposite eons back, when women weren’t allowed to show much skin just to go for a swim.
(Did you know that… It’s pretty fine for us to swim in normal garb – t-shirt and bermudas or loose yoga pants, for example – at least, in the South East Asia region. That’s not even a swimwear, in the least. But, who cares??!! Wear whatever you want.)
It’s not only for the Muslims either, it’s a free-for-all piece of cloth that you can buy anywhere.
People who wish to protect their skin from the sun (due to sensitivity or a health issue), those who prefer wearing these because they’d want to hide some imperfections or can’t be bothered to shave or wax…, bla bla bla.
They scrutinise “issues” like these, when there are more pressing problems.
Somehow, real problems, on even local issues such as shortages of food or work or home or corruption of the nation/government are not as important as this piece of cloth.
For all we know, the “higher ups” are changing the topics to cover their own tracks for something even bigger.
Also, did they specifically say only the burqa?
You’re fine with head scarves or are you going to specifically say all headdresses are fine, except a Muslim’s.
Because, not all Muslim women wear burqas and for example, ladies in my region wear head scarves.

So… the women are part of the conspiracy for being the the ones giving food, shelter and influencing these terror men and should be discriminated for what they’re wearing, which in other people’s view, are against those women’s choice or are being oppressed, according to those “other people’s” point of view.
…Or maybe, the ones causing the ruckus are in actual fact, these women in burqas.
Oh wait… those men are actually hiding as “women” under the burqas to hide their cowardliness and brain-dead theory that killing others is their divine answer.
*mind blown*


/Multiple facepalm


</3 Icesabel


So much

In just a month, a lot of problems crept up my back door. The tough part is knowing that one has just passed by and a couple more are coming, in time.

My worry level was pretty high, but, have been keeping a straight face, as if nothing bad had happened. Couldn’t sleep at night with ease. So much to think about.

Today was no different, either. Sometimes, I feel like I should just give up on certain things. It’s… frustrating. Why would people cut open my scar and put salt on my wound? It hurts.


</3 Icesabel

Recycled Glass


Drinking glass…. humans.
When something strong (problems) comes along and you’ve taken too much or hits you very hard, you can break.
You can only hold so much and then, everything overflows.
When the load placed on top of you becomes too heavy, you may break.
But, when you’re stacked correctly with other glasses (the love of others around you), everyone can become stronger, hold more.. push on further.. farther than the usual limit.
You can fill anything within you; Good stuff… bad stuff… (choices that you make, paths that you take, what you say and do).
Change yourself… Get influenced by others around.. When all the glasses around you have gorgeous motifs and you’re the only plain glass.
Do you start wishing to be like the rest?
Or when other glasses are filled with poison and you’re only filled with plain water.
Everyone else thinks that they’re fine, but, you’re weird and different.
How’d you or they to know who’s right, when the view has been skewed?
The rest are kept in a nice glass cupboard for viewing, as, they’re too beautiful and expensive to be used and you… this poor cheap glass is always being used.
Always washed and reused, whilst, they sit there looking pretty and get cleaned once every 6 months.
How’s one to say which has more worth?
By the cost? By the usage? Which is more useful to society and/or yourself? To be sold afterwards, as an investment? Just to look pretty… a background wallpaper?

When you do break down and in time to come, decide to start again (pull yourself together and stand up again), the glass has just been recycled into a new drinking glass.❤

(Select speed 1.25)… posting this song, because, it was the inspiration for the write-up.😄

❤ Icesabel