Thank you

I’ve decided to start doing more random things.
Here’s the first.

Saying “Thank You” more often.
Just that, I’m not really inclined to speak to strangers or even say it for the most mundane or simple tasks that others do.
I do so with people I know though.

It doesn’t matter whether they reply or show any kind of expression in return.
Hope it made someone happier… for a while, at the very least. >_<

<3 Icesabel


Never felt so refreshed AND having extremely aching shoulders and arms.
Just got back from swimming.

This week was… chaotic.
It was as if a lot of requests and issues were put on hold for weeks or months until I started.
Only because there were a handful which were dated back!
Well, I don’t mind.

The only thing that pisses me off is my boss.

Why is he passing the baton to me regarding issues with the HQ and when a country office needs assistance in terms of budget and hiring someone?
I was screaming inside and mumbling on the outside.
The issue was passed to him months back.
Suddenly, it was passed to me yesterday.
Those were resolved today, although, I feel dead pissed off.
I’m a specialist… they might as well put me one rank up if I do those.
Not that I want to either, though.
I enjoy what I’m doing and I don’t particularly like the other job scope.

I’m going to watch some anime and play with my kitties.
Weekend is here… not going to allow negative vibes on my only time off!

<3 Icesabel

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎

For those with islamophobia or is curious, the title only means “surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”.
We’d say this upon hearing the news of a person’s death.

It saddens me to hear that some of my colleagues in Afghanistan were killed last week.
They were working with communities to provide clean water in remote areas.

My deepest condolences to the families of my colleagues.
I truly admire the work of all my colleagues from all over the world, especially those in very high-risked areas.
May God give their families, friends and other colleagues strength and patience through this rough times.
Watched a video on the work that they were doing a while ago.
Different areas and countries have different needs, thus, different projects being set up.
Too emotional… too emotional.

I didn’t want to talk about this, but, it made me think twice about a lot of things.
Since, it’s a touchy subject to begin with.

Just before I got married late last year, I jokingly asked my boss whether there was any budget for me to travel there to review their tech infrastructure and whatnot…
Because the guys invited me to see the main and some of the province offices, including sightseeing.
They might seem like they don’t have much from the eyes of outsiders, but, they truly have gorgeous places and rich background… I’ve seen a lot of pictures from them and heard stories, both good and bad.
Relax… I’m not irrational in even thinking about what society thinks people, who going there, would choose to do.

I was already “leeching” off my other 2 directors’ budget to go for that regional meeting, to even have the heart to ask or have a real reason to go there using theirs, since I’m only a small part of their department.
Not going to even ask why I don’t have a budget placed for myself, even though, I’m doing regional work.

But, it’s not as if my husband would allow me to travel to the offices in Pakistan or North Korea, even if there were plans to.
My boss does all the travelling.

Only managed to message one of the few to ask if everyone is alright.
Heard that the province office will be closed for a couple of days.

Life is… short.
Incredibly short.

I once asked someone, from another aid organisation, I attended overseas training with.
Why do you stay there to work, knowing all the risks involved and even though you do have a choice to be elsewhere or do something else?
Last part is because he was unsure on whether that was the career path he was going after.

It was to do with homeland.
Somehow, my bad memory wouldn’t allow me to remember anything more than that.
That was 2 years back.

Although my homeland (*coughs* more like the government) isn’t as perfect, I’ve learned one thing in particular.
Happiness is where you feel most at home.
Yes… even how bad it can get.

Overall, to stay grateful.

</3 Icesabel

Free Steam Games?

I was thinking of doing a giveaway again.
But, actually felt kinda down because there are a lot of companies/online websites which are giving away free steam games.
Some of which are a scam or messes up your personal space, but, if you look in the right places, there are legit ones.

I pull out of my own cash stash to give away the games…
Whilst these people/companies get something in return (profit in some ways).
Not that I want any.
It just makes me feel that I might as well don’t do any because there are already a number of them out there.

Oh well…

</3 Icesabel

How chaotic is a gamer?

I’m referring to the games where you’d have to kill something or someone. Where you’d have to steal or destroy. Make someone else upset in-game. Hack, scam and cheat (inc certain types of trading, overpricing or upselling). Degrading both men and women in any way.

So, where does one stand in the game alignment?

If they don’t enjoy doing so, then, they wouldn’t be playing it. Lest, even buy the game if that’s needed. Reflecting people’s hidden desires and enjoyment of a certain amount of chaos of some kind or even feelings and emotions that stem from it.

It’s not about what’s right or wrong. Just wondering… How much does yours weigh?

<3 Icesabel

Love is…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Love is…

The night you wished you were being kept warm through the cold twilight air.
Wondering the seconds away, not knowing if it was ever fair.
When you screamed your lungs out by the empty shoreline and the wind stole your voice.
Tears of joy well up in your red-teary eyes as you rejoice.
It warms the heart, it tears the soul.
It’s beautiful inside, yet, your patience has taken on a toll.
When you wake up drunk when you never had a drop of drink last night.
But, it’s fine because it feels right.
To feel empty and full at the same time.

The love is real.

Love is life…
Pizza is life…
Life = Love pizza.

<3 Icesabel

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Currently playing this game on my iphone and it has been keeping me busy, especially, before falling asleep… hehe~
No no… not in a bad way… >_<
Just one of those stuff that I would do without being at my computer.

Pewdiepie introduced this game in his vlog on his trip to Japan, sponsored by Square Enix and DeNA.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a “free to play” social smartphone game where players participate in memorable battles from the Final Fantasy series, with a cash shop “play to win” scheme.

If you’re a casual mobile-gamer like me, there’s no necessity to spend anything on it, unless, you have some cash to spare.

The English version came out last month, March, but, the game itself has been around in the Japanese version since September 2014.

Available for

The game is pretty straight forward.
With a party of 5 members of your choice (all of the chars are based on the Final Fantasy series)

  • you go through dungeons – classic and elite
  • daily events – monday: elemental orbs (ice, wind, non-ele, holy), tuesday: weapon upgrade materials, wednesday: orbs (black, white, power) and gil (currency), thursday: elemental orbs (fire, dark, earth, light), friday: armor upgrade materials, saturday: gil (currency), sunday: experience
  • other events – obtaining “special characters” like Tifa and Sephiroth
  • upgrade equipment and skills
  • level chars
  • quests
  • collect all the chars from all the series!

<3 Icesabel

Dress Shopping

Went shopping yesterday!

Actually, I eventually only bought one playsuit and a white ribbed belt.
Although there were a lot of gorgeous dresses to buy, I was thinking of my finances the whole time.

Just started my next job, so, I’d better tread a bit slower for now.
Can’t wait to go travelling, for work, again!

<3 Icesabel