Clothes Ban

Wear whatever you want – even if it’s cringe-worthy.
Oh gosh…

Apparently, banning the burkini (France) and burqa (Germany) is/will be a thing.
The burkini looks more like a loose wetsuit with a head cover.
So, what does that have anything to do with terrorism?
Just because the trend is to be half naked, while swimming, for most parts of the world – which was quite the opposite eons back, when women weren’t allowed to show much skin just to go for a swim.
(Did you know that… It’s pretty fine for us to swim in normal garb – t-shirt and bermudas or loose yoga pants, for example – at least, in the South East Asia region. That’s not even a swimwear, in the least. But, who cares??!! Wear whatever you want.)
It’s not only for the Muslims either, it’s a free-for-all piece of cloth that you can buy anywhere.
People who wish to protect their skin from the sun (due to sensitivity or a health issue), those who prefer wearing these because they’d want to hide some imperfections or can’t be bothered to shave or wax…, bla bla bla.
They scrutinise “issues” like these, when there are more pressing problems.
Somehow, real problems, on even local issues such as shortages of food or work or home or corruption of the nation/government are not as important as this piece of cloth.
For all we know, the “higher ups” are changing the topics to cover their own tracks for something even bigger.
Also, did they specifically say only the burqa?
You’re fine with head scarves or are you going to specifically say all headdresses are fine, except a Muslim’s.
Because, not all Muslim women wear burqas and for example, ladies in my region wear head scarves.

So… the women are part of the conspiracy for being the the ones giving food, shelter and influencing these terror men and should be discriminated for what they’re wearing, which in other people’s view, are against those women’s choice or are being oppressed, according to those “other people’s” point of view.
…Or maybe, the ones causing the ruckus are in actual fact, these women in burqas.
Oh wait… those men are actually hiding as “women” under the burqas to hide their cowardliness and brain-dead theory that killing others is their divine answer.
*mind blown*


/Multiple facepalm


</3 Icesabel


So much

In just a month, a lot of problems crept up my back door. The tough part is knowing that one has just passed by and a couple more are coming, in time.

My worry level was pretty high, but, have been keeping a straight face, as if nothing bad had happened. Couldn’t sleep at night with ease. So much to think about.

Today was no different, either. Sometimes, I feel like I should just give up on certain things. It’s… frustrating. Why would people cut open my scar and put salt on my wound? It hurts.


</3 Icesabel

The Unknown


Move along if you don’t believe in the uncharted waters of the unknown.
Let’s talk about this topic, literally.
Not on my usual node of having it as a deep meaning.

Not sure if I’ve ever spoken about a few of my experiences or even this in particular, but, I’ll just recall back the latest episode anyway.
Before I begin, you’d probably already know or will now know that I’m known to be disturbed by “things” a lot since I even started kindergarten.
Not merely see, but, literally disturbed until I don’t get enough sleep or rest.

So… let’s start the story telling, shall we? +_+
This occurred last April, whilst I was in UK.

I was staying at an old inn, together with my colleagues, but, I got the top floor room, three flights up, mashed between one room on each side.
I do know that there was a lady staying on the right, but, I’ve never seen anyone from the left room, if there was ever someone staying there, even.
It was fine on the first and second night.
The room was old and you can hear creaks of people walking and whatnot.
It just weird me out that I hear footsteps above my room, knowing that there’s only a roof above me.
But being me, I shrugged it off.
(No, I can never get used to these even though I experience them my whole life. Just that, I can’t be bothered to care more if nothing much happens)

On the third evening, I had the bathroom door wide open and I was brushing my teeth, whilst looking at the mirror, which overlooked directly into the bedroom.
As I spit out the toothpaste, there was a loud “boom!”, something dropped heavily right behind me.
Felt something huge right behind me.
I turned. >_> Yes, I did. I mean, what else could I do at that scene?
Everyone has this sense where you can feel someone staring at you, right?
Well, it was that feeling.
I’m like… “wth.. I know something’s staring at me and I can’t see sh*t”.
Somehow, I was more frustrated than anything else.
But, what would I have expected to see, if I can even see “it”?
Some fluffy white cute rabbit which had a thing about dropping by in the most subtle way?
Obviously the total opposite.

Dinner.. shower.. going to bed.
I’ve always left the tv on during the night, only because it was a deafening silence in the room, if I didn’t.
So quiet that you can hear nothing.. it hurts my head.
But, I had the volume to a minimum.

Let’s fast forward a little, because I only stayed in the room for sleep, was out most of the time anyway.

From that night on wards, I had nightmares every night.
I woke up around 2 or 3 am and hear something saying something.
Shucks.. I can’t remember how it woke me up, but, definitely not on my own.
But, it’s a deep growling voice… in a very angry tone. (It got angrier with every night)
The kind of voice you hear in “possessed humans” movies.
By the second last night, I was awoken by it and staring at the tv, the voice was shouting at me via the people in the tv, instead of any other voice from the tv, somehow the people were staring back at me.
I was super pissed, because I’ve always been tired the past few days because of training and just ignored everything, every night.
The nightmares didn’t help.
How was I supposed to get any proper rest?

Yeah sure, technically, when a person is tired, their mind plays tricks, correct?
Well, it sure isn’t a fun to keep waking me up and shouting at me in a super scary voice.
Oh wait.. I remember. It liked to poke my sides or back, depending on which side I was sleeping on.
Not the very painful type, though.

I didn’t tell any of my colleagues I was with at all, because, I didn’t see a need to.
It’s just plain strange that I was more angry than being weirded out.
But, I suppose, I was too tired and sleep was my priority, even if the whole building was to tumble down.
More like “Stop disturbing me, I want to sleep. F* off!” kind of mode.

Didn’t spoil my mood for any day though.
Probably because I had the time of my life during the day time.
1. Awesome company… I miss them so much!
2. Loved.. loved… loved the training… super interesting and worth it!
3. Loved the quaint town, itself. Gorgeous countryside. Love the fresh air, the lovely small sparse farms. The beautiful cottages with cute gardens and nice old-skool churches.

It was fine after I left that town and went back to the main city and stayed somewhere else for another 2 nights.
Hmmm… it was probably happy that I’ve left its territory.

I wouldn’t call that the latest episode, but, it was a bigger event than the real latest one.
Anyway, so yeah.


Warm regards,

Recycled Glass


Drinking glass…. humans.
When something strong (problems) comes along and you’ve taken too much or hits you very hard, you can break.
You can only hold so much and then, everything overflows.
When the load placed on top of you becomes too heavy, you may break.
But, when you’re stacked correctly with other glasses (the love of others around you), everyone can become stronger, hold more.. push on further.. farther than the usual limit.
You can fill anything within you; Good stuff… bad stuff… (choices that you make, paths that you take, what you say and do).
Change yourself… Get influenced by others around.. When all the glasses around you have gorgeous motifs and you’re the only plain glass.
Do you start wishing to be like the rest?
Or when other glasses are filled with poison and you’re only filled with plain water.
Everyone else thinks that they’re fine, but, you’re weird and different.
How’d you or they to know who’s right, when the view has been skewed?
The rest are kept in a nice glass cupboard for viewing, as, they’re too beautiful and expensive to be used and you… this poor cheap glass is always being used.
Always washed and reused, whilst, they sit there looking pretty and get cleaned once every 6 months.
How’s one to say which has more worth?
By the cost? By the usage? Which is more useful to society and/or yourself? To be sold afterwards, as an investment? Just to look pretty… a background wallpaper?

When you do break down and in time to come, decide to start again (pull yourself together and stand up again), the glass has just been recycled into a new drinking glass.❤

(Select speed 1.25)… posting this song, because, it was the inspiration for the write-up.😄

❤ Icesabel


It’s been like this for a few years now.
There would be times, when, I would unknowingly stare at my parents (without them noticing).
Then, start to notice the extra white hair or less thereof… more wrinkles… their weary voice… how much they’ve aged.
Before it struck me that, I’m going to lose them some day.
Then, I’d either choke back my tears or cry quietly somewhere else.

</3 Icesabel