Leave day for cramps pls!

I wish that girls/women like me who experience bad cramps every month get the day off, instead of having to take medical leave (work from home, if, available) when it gets really bad. Waste of a leave day. I don’t know how it is for the rest, but, mine’s only on the first day. Isn’t so bad on the second.

Problem is, it can get VERY bad, most of the time. If they can have some sort of pain indicator to send info for work. ‘Cause sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t walk. Hurts like crazy! Who wants to walk all the way to a clinic, that’s quite a distance, just to prove and get a MC, when it’s so bad.

No it isn’t fun trying to even walk or squeeze your way in very crowded trains, being squashed (when you’re already irritated) and standing up with cold sweat all the way (even sitting is uncomfortable) because of the aircon, when you’re in PAIN. fml. I’d have to warn my next job hr.

The ones who’s lucky enough not to experience this. Good for you. I wish I didn’t need to feel this pain, either. I didn’t ask for it.

I do realise that only a small percentage of girls/women experience this and most will go away after they have their first childbirth. *sigh

Need that free day off, by default. Maybe until I ever gets my first child. Note: medical leave and annual leave aren’t that many in a year and taking mc is frowned upon in most… all… companies. I’m still lucky right now to work from home sometimes, but for the rest of the time, I need to take medical leave.

A face slap on my face by reality. Being someone who works like a man (and trying to be tough) due to work conditions, I’m being reminded that I’m a woman inside out.

I might just copy paste this everytime I get it. Like a post bump.. >_>
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Omg… stop trolling me! /cries in the corner.

When your damage sucks and you’re the main heal, but, your team decides to be suckier than you, so, you get 5 gold medals. /faints

Just want to curl up in a corner and die!!!!! Fastest game ending everrrrrrr.
</3 Icesabel


My pretty lil grey cat has given birth to 2 kittens yesterday morning.
One at 12.30am and the other at 4am.
So, I had to call in to work from home yesterday.
Brought them to the vet because the ultrasound she had a few weeks back determined to be 3.
She got an xray, but, there weren’t any extra (baby) bones in her body.

From the time I reached home from work on Monday evening, she kept fussing around.
Asking me to pat her and stay by her side.
If I had rolled on the other side of the bed, she would go up and ask me to roll back and pat her while she stay at her spot.
Well, in the end, she didn’t even want to give birth in the 2 spots we set up for her.
One of which was 2 big boxes which was pretty expensive.
She chose the corner of the room, in the open, while expecting me to hold/rub her.

2016-09-27 00.29.07.jpg

So, I was petting her for about 5 hours.
She didn’t eat the sac initially (being her first baby) and my hubby carried the baby to her.
She cleared the mess and the baby was nice and dry soon enough.
By 2plus, I fell asleep.
My hubby was awoken with his hands wet.
She gave birth to the second at about 4 and luckily knew what to do by then.

2016-09-27 21.17.14.jpg

She was relaxed most of the time, but, she would talk to me sometimes.
Somehow, I understood her… not sure how or why.
But, she was contented when I gave her wet food when she asked for some.
The dry biscuits were beside her (water too), but, she didn’t want those.
When she went up to me and asked me where’s the toilet, because my hubby thought it would be better to move it nearer, but, they’ve been using the toilet at the other end of the room for so long, she probably got too used to it. She wasn’t even near the toilet location.
So, I moved it back and she walked there and used it.
When she was panting and I felt her breath overheating, so, I placed a handkerchief damped with cool water and placed over her body.
She rested.
When I was on the phone talking to my mum to check up on the guy (who’s staying at her house temporarily, to separate them) and about my girl’s delivery, she meowed at me when I was talking about her, as if she understood.

2016-09-27 23.31.44.jpg

Well, you know… she did do me a favour once.
That time when I had really bad menstrual cramps and was crying even when I was lying down, cause I couldn’t sit or stand up.
She laid down beside me and put her paw on my hand, looking at me lovingly.
Made me feel relaxed.
99% of the time, she won’t even sit beside me or talk to me, because her favourite owner is my hubby.

I’m not jealous though.. ’cause I have my Owl, the 6 months old pure white girl, who loves to get rubs from me and talks to me a lot.
She knows when I ask her on where’s her toy and she’d reply if she “lost” it or show me.
Or when she asks to play with her.
Her toys are.. ermm.. pretty much straws and the plastic or paper covers of the straws from a bubble tea shop or starbucks.
She rarely plays with her expensive cat toys we buy from the pet store.

Few weeks back, I had a dream that I could talk to cats…
Well, I understood them, at least.
That cracks me up.
Ok… ciao~


❤ Icesabel

Thinking it over

Dreams can evolve over time.
Mine did.
With the frustration that comes with the past few years, some dreams got destroyed, whilst one was created, unplanned.

This is probably a nice first baby step towards what I wish to do next.
Honestly, I am not an A student.
Looking through results during my younger school years, I’m more of a B and C student.
The only As are from the ones I enjoy doing the most.
Mainly science, arts, music, (very active in sports)…
Thus, grew the stigma within that I just wanted to get by with a mere pass and get my cert.
Added to the fact that I didn’t truly believe that merely studying will help me much with life or career-wise, back then.
Had no idea what was in store for me.

For one, it shows that I do love and enjoy the course.
If not for the passion, I wouldn’t perform.
That is genuinely true, seeing my past and present self.
So, it’s safe to say that although I know it’ll be a tough journey, but, I know it will be an awesome one.

Two; contrary to my distrust in the current education system, the course went over my expectations.
I love the fact that only 50% of it was theory.
We had practical exams and/or assignments for each module, which, I’ve probably complained before, about how irritatingly tough it was because some things weren’t taught to us and we had to wing it on our own.
Practical things that WILL be used when I do get into the field.
That… the hands-on… is what I’ve always loved to do.
I just dislike regurgitation of theories… people who can only handle written paper cookie-cutter answers, whilst in reality, it doesn’t work that way.

Three; 2 of the ermm.. 5? 6? lecturers are truly admirable.
Real-life accounts, teaching things that will be NEEDED to be applied when I do delve into it, making sure we understand the practicality and technicality of things.
Some of whom are good at what they do, considering their main day job consists of being in the field and doing the nitty gritty.
But, are willing to take the time to pass on their knowledge to us, mere newbies.

So, there is still hope in the system.. at least, for this one.


On top of all the issues in my current job, I’ve also had taken some time to think over what really matters to me the most.
As much as I enjoy helping people, this might not be the right way, for me.
I can’t possibly cling on to a handful of people who I enjoy working with or those past fizzled out dreams of wanting to be deployed (but, never did).
Some things are getting toxic by the month.
The passion to do my current job scope has lapsed, anyway.
It was worth the 8 years.
Time to move on.

Oh wait.. 8 years?
Let’s see… About a year to try to get a spot in doing this type of job.
Job hopping everywhere.
Stayed in one company for 2 years.
Job hopped a bit.
Stayed here (although, I did work somewhere else for 3 months, in between) for 5 years.
And.. I was being petty over the initial first year?!!
Partly because I wasn’t sure what I really enjoyed doing and when I did, I couldn’t find somewhere I could fit in to.
Partly because of all the negativity I’ve received during the initial stage.
Don’t know why I had to prove myself extra hard just because I’m a girl. >_>

Give me another 2 years.
I’m going to build my base solid.
Maybe I won’t be able to work on a global scale, like I am right now.
Hopefully, I’ll get another awesome “work” family further down the road.
In Sya Allah, it will be fruitful.


❤ Icesabel

School’s Over

Sorry… Just can’t contain my happiness.
Got As for my 2 modules for the last semester.
Thought that I’d get C for the 3rd one.
A very nice surprise!
Graduation will be in November.

Just got to know from the guys about a notice by our last lecturer, that, I’m on the top 5 overall performers for the module! lol

My classmates are planning to take our other cert near the end of December, so, I’ll follow suit, as, they’ll need a minimum number of students to take on certain dates.
That one has a minimum passing mark of 70%.

Alrighty then… woohoo!!
❤ Icesabel






I’ve had instant knock out once. But, I’ve always wondered how it feels like to have a slow blackout and not have any power over it. Happened a while ago.

Was going to work, as per normal, watching my usual youtube shows in the extremely crowded train. Was feeling all okay. Then suddenly I felt giddy… perspiring profusely in the cold aircon… my ears started to buzz loudly… my vision was slowly becoming shaky… soon most of my view is black, but, I can still see a bit of blurred colours. Telling myself to relax and not faint. You know… the “stay strong” drill. Upon reaching my destination, I went straight to the nearest clinic.

Have just been diagnosed with low blood pressure. I knew I had low sugar levels for a long time – never been diagnosed by any doc though, but it never caused any problems as bad as this. Most of the time, I get cold sweats and getting weak, but, a cold isotonic drink and a seat makes me alright. So, no doctor has diagnosed me that officially until today. My sugar level was normal though… probably had already normalised by then, I guess.

Usually, I’d blame it on being underweight, which is out of my control. Oh well.
❤ Icesabel