Come and Go

I’m… sort of panicking..
Sort of.

There seems to be a hiccup for my wedding preparation.
All I can think of is.. “whatever”.
That’s what happens when I’ve spent too much time and energy on this for a year… alone.
I already have a white flag on my head.

Already asked a few people for help and they couldn’t.
Can’t blame them.. it’s already at the last minute.
Well.. sort of.. 2 weeks more.. but, still.

Now, I feel like putting my stuff away and sulk one side ’cause I pretty much have no mood to work.
My leave starts on Thursday, but, I feel that I need to take a longer time off.
Just to plomp my lifeless body on my bed and cover my face with my pillow.

If this is what they call the jitters to back off from a marriage.
It has been boiling in me for weeks now.
Not because of the preparations though.
I thought I’ve gone through this again and again.
But, I still have a phobia of marriage.
It’s still there hanging around.
Pissing me off.

What am I to do…



<3 Icesabel

Two sides to every coin

This has been bugging me for awhile…

I don’t think I need to say anything about the current situation between Israel and occupied Palestinian territory.


My FB news section is been flooded about it constantly (apart from the Malaysian Airlines Flight M17).

There seems to be a friend (not a close one) who initially stands by one side.
With whom has a few friends who shares her sentiments.
If I were to be pissed off, I would’ve simply un-friended her.
But, I was somehow… intrigued.

Posts started off as Israel being the victim.
Then, for others to conclude based on looking into both sides.
Comments were then removed.
Poking fun on something that is related to Islam.
States “It is often times the ignorant who are the most arrogant”.
Ends off to say that we’re all human (looking past religious issues) and should help one another.
(Not going to even mention what her friends comment about all these).

Couldn’t agree more to the portion where it’s said to understand from both ends.
I do believe that everyone is free to speak their mind and each to their own choices and beliefs.
The ones that did comment seemed to be those who hate Islam, not that I’d ever know why.
But, even as she draw to a close and concluded like so, others still spewed hatred.



What pissed me off though is this.

A well-known Israeli politician and parliament member has branded Palestinians as terrorists, saying mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, Daily Sabah reported.

Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,” Shaked said, adding, “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

The remarks are considered as a call for genocide as she declared that all Palestinians are Israel’s enemies and must be killed.

On Monday (July 7) Shaked quoted this on her Facebook page:

“Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”


The Palestinian Christians are in the debacle as well.

Palestinian Christian: Western Christians Don’t Understand Gaza/Israeli Conflict



I pray for the safety of the innocent.
I neither like the choices made by Hamas nor the leaders of Israel.
This isn’t a game.. you can’t bring them back to life after you’ve stolen their right to live.



The Jews from around the world seem to have another side of their story as well.



Pray for Palestine.



Israel accused of war crimes (UK Parliament)

<3 Icesabel

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg?

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

If you want to quit… do so.
Unfortunately, it’s most probable that they’d do nothing to change.
It’s the same for most cases on anything that has moved from alpha to delta phase, etc.
Especially when monetary reasons come into place.

I want to come back to Facebook as an user. I want to connect with my online friends once again. I want to see what they are up to. But until the day I feel comfortable enough sharing anything on Facebook, I will avoid your site like a plague. Can you please help ex-users like me rebuild the lost confidence of using your social network?

I would suggest this.
Not placing info about yourself in FB at all.
It’s pretty simple.

  • Don’t post your full name.. heck.. don’t even indicate your real name of any sort. Nicknames are fine. Your IRL friends know how you look like.. no one cares what nickname you give yourself as long as they know you’re “John, the class clown who makes stupid jokes to fill the classroom with laughter every single day”. People google/search for your name for different reasons. HR.. security departments.. do checks online.. so, why share info?
  • Don’t be silly.. no one needs to know your address or phone numbers or security numbers or whatever personal details about so-and-so being your siblings or relatives or parents or whatever. If they’re close to you, sure enough they’ll know. If not, they can easily ask you personally anyway. What data can they steal if you give nothing to them? Can’t create an account because you didn’t indicate your birthday or last name, etc? Like a nickname.. whatever birth date that rocks your boat unless you want that long list of “happy birthday” wishes from so-and-so just to make yourself feel special and remembered.
  • We don’t necessarily need to know you’re already at the airport, to show us the ticket or hotel to exactly where you are and when exactly you’ll be gone so some dodgy person out there can start planning on what crap they’d do (you know… break in.. steal stuff.. whatever).
  • Ads? Cancel it.. ignore it.. scroll it down.. up.. left.. right.. who cares? Just don’t press directly on it. If you’re smart enough to know it’s an annoying ad… then, why are you so flabbergasted over it and decides to feel “cheated” by accidentally pressing it and causing a domino effect on your life?
  • Share info? You’re already telling people you’re in the bathroom to make a chocolate cake, what other info are you not even sensitive enough not to tell others? That you got drunk and didn’t want your prospective employer to see you in such a state? That you support a certain clan or influential leader of some sort … which is against the rules and laws?
  • Privacy settings? Lock it all.. if not.. well.. well.. well… you didn’t put anything stupid on your page.. did you?
  • If you’re still pissed.. try… NOT posting your own pics online at all as well.. well, you aim to only keep in contact with your friends. They don’t exactly need to know what you’re doing every minute since these are the ones who contact you once in a blue moon. Those who are way closer to you can simply call your mobile any time and catch up with you.
  • Still frustrated? VPN your connection. Block your IP.. whatever to make sure you’re in the middle of nowhere.. as long as they don’t know you’re at a certain somewhere… unless you’ve already posted a selfie of yourself outside your house a few seconds ago just because you think that you look extra good looking on such a fine day today. Ooops… if that wasn’t bad enough… you’ve ‘accidentally” tagged your location because it’s a habit of yours.
  • Not satisfied? Do you still need to be babysit by FB instead of taking charge of your own data? Maybe you should re-analyse what you actually want out of this.

Sure, the “you’ll-probably-know-who” will eventually pick up pieces and place your info into one big slab of info about Mr Secretive.
But, all in all.. you’re pretty much “anonymous” to a point.


<3 Icesabel

Wedding Preparations

Why not make a list, as much as I can remember, on what I’ve done to get me to where I am in the preparation process… all in one post.
So, this post will be updated again and again, without creating a new one, until the big day.

So, if there’s someone from this list that you’d like to hire for your big day, go ahead and contact them~ ^_^

Note: I will not scrutinise the details in which how many times I had to go to and fro to contact the vendors to make the instalments, confirmation on changes, etc, in between these main points.


The wedding preparations was done by me… alone.
Not with my mum (who wasn’t exactly bffs with me at all), not with my sister, not with my other half, not with my family, not with any of my friends.
Just plain old me.
It has been a hectic year of planning and will not be done with until the wedding is over.
No lies.
It was insane for me.
Juggling between other people’s and my feelings and problems.. his and my family issues… work… and even straining our relationship because I’ve been PMS-ing most of the time due to the high stress load.


Aug 2014

1: Car Decoration – 2nd Aug

2: Wedding on 3rd Aug + post-wedding photography 7th – 9th Aug + honeymoon 5th – 16th Aug


July 2014

1: To send a few of our “hantaran” gifts to have it decorated together with the gift trays – 13th July

  • Misbaha & Prayer mat
  • Nike Dunk Low Pro SB in Orange
  • Wedding Band from Lovis Diamonds - Love Connection
  • Fossil - CH2891 – Coachman Chronograph Leather Watch in Brown
  • Braun Buffel Wallet
  • Polo Blue Ralph Lauren Man-care & Perfume Set
  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX80 Camera

Him to me

  • Telekung & Prayer mat

  • Puma Suede Mid Classic Sneaker in Pink
  • Diablo Books
  • Makeup from Sephora
  • Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Bag in Black

2: To book 2 round trip flight tickets to and fro Jeju via Eastarjet

3: Finalise on whether we can get a silat team

4: Finalise on the last set for the 3 sets of clothes

5: Collect wedding bands – 18th July

6: Collect the altered clothes – 20th July

7: Collect hantaran trays – 27th July

8: Get our hair coloured + cut + treatment at our fave hair salon at Lacoco Korean Hair Salon @ Vivocity – Final week of July


June 2014

1: Meet with camera & video company to finalise on the itinerary

2: Buy the clothes for:

  • best men - purchased
  • bridesmaids – purchased (altered, to collect on 20th July)
  • mum - purchased (altered, to collect on 20th July)
  • dad & younger brother – purchased
  • elder brother & his family – purchased

3: To finalise our “hantaran” gifts
He doesn’t know what he wants yet, so I’m waiting for him to give me his list.

Me to him: 7 items
Him to me: 5 items

4: Bought our wedding bands at Lovis Diamonds. Collection date: 18th July
Looks something like the picture below, but, in two tones, rose and white gold.

5: Start to send out invitations

  • FB
  • SMS
  • Meet-ups
  • E-mail
  • Card via face-to-face and mail

6: Finally found my perfect pair of white wedding heels

7: Had facial done
The picture is raw and non-edited.
lol~ I can see the huge pores, dark rings under my eyes and tiny pimples all over on my faceeeeee~
Oh gosh… I really need to do my hair next month!!!
So dry and the ombre effect is not nice at all.. I’ve not dyed my hair for quite a long time.
Grew it out so that the hair dye colour would be more evened out.



May 2014

1: Booked flights. Had problems with AirAsia because they refuse to either give us “free” tickets or return the amount we paid for double booking to KL a year back. To and fro to Changi Airport and got nothing from them eventually.
Trip to KL with our wedding planner to purchase a couple of stuff including getting my white wedding gown hand-sewn from scratch by Dwen Raha. I told him what I wanted and he drew it out on paper. Woot! And.. and… my tiara! It’s so pretty! <3 The accommodation and food was paid by them. We only paid for our plane ride (it was still expensive though… about 400 bucks just for a one-day trip)

My inspiration:

The shop where I got my tiara. All I did was asked if I could get one.. and.. they agreed to get me one, so, I took my time trying a couple before choosing one cute one!
Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it. lol~

View from the apartment we were staying

Beautiful view at the airport before we boarded the plane back home

2: Travel Insurance by Aviva Singapore for 2 for the South Korea trip (post-wedding photography + honeymoon)

3: Spent a week researching on all the places to go and setting an itinerary for our trip to South Korea
In short:

5th Aug

  • Flight 7am – 8.35pm (3 hours interval – stopping by Hong Kong)
  • Staying over at apartment 1 – booked via AirBnB

6th Aug

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Buckhon Hanok Village
  • Ice Gallery
  • Samcheong-dong
  • Changdeokgung Palace
  • Extra: Ssamze-gil
  • Namsan Cable Car
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Staying over at apartment 1 in Gangnam – booked via AirBnB

7th – 9th Aug

  • IDOWEDDING photoshoot!
  • Staying over at one of the hotels listed by the company in Gangnam – booked via Dynasty Travel

10th – 12th Aug

  • Fly from Gimpo Airport to Jeju International Airport
  • East~~~
    • Maze Land
    • Supjikoji
    • Trick Art Museum
    • Sungsan Sunrise Peak
  • South
    • Waterfalls – Cheonjeyon, Jungbang, Cheonjiyon
    • Alive Museum
    • Teddy Bear Museum
    • Jusaangjoli Cliff
  • West
    • Glass Castle
    • Soingook Miniature Theme Park
    • Chocolate Museum
    • Hyupjae Beach
  • City
    • Ice Museum
    • Love Land
  • Staying over at a hotel in Jeju booked via Agoda

13th Aug

  • Fly back to Gimpo Airport
  • Lotte World Adventure
  • Staying over at apartment 2 near Han River booked via AirBnB

14th Aug

  • Nami Island
  • Petite France
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream
  • Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain – River evening Cruise + buffet dinner onboard or Dongjak Cloud Cafe
  • Staying over at apartment 2 booked near Han River via AirBnB

15th Aug

  • Namdaemun Market
  • Myeongdong
  • Dongdaemun Market
  • Extra: Munjeong-dng Rodeo Street
  • Extra: Hwagae-gil Shoes Street
  • Staying over at apartment 2 booked near Han River via AirBnB

16th Aug

  • Flight from 8.50am – 6.20pm (3 hours interval, stopping by Hong Kong)

4: Researched and emailed 5 Korean taxi drivers in Jeju to book to bring us around for our 3-days trip there.
3 replied with their mobile numbers.
Will call them on the first day upon reaching Seoul

5: Met up with our consultant from IDOWEDDING to finalise on what we wanted for the photoshoot

6: Booked our hotel from IDOWEDDING’s list via Dynasty Travels (in order to get the free tansportation whilst doing the photoshoot, else, it would cost us about SG$400!)

7: Booking of 4 hotels/apartments of accommodation because we would be roving from Seoul to Gangnam to Jeju to Seoul.
2 via Airbnb. 1 as said above. 1 via Agoda.

8: Ordered Elegant Custom made Wedding Card Box from ExoticWeddingBoxes via

9: Booked flight for 2 round tickets for Singapore Changi Airport - Seoul Incheon International Airport aboard Cathay Pacific via New Shan Travel

10: Finalise with our wedding planner at their office on

  • The menu of food and drinks that we specifically want
  • Cake & cupcakes
    It would be something like this:

    But, with the design of Mario!

  • Clothes + accessories
    First outfit for my solemnisation event:

    Second outfit:
    Don’t have a picture of it, but, it’s a kebaya similar the one above except that it’s in Tiffany blue.
  • Colour and design of my flower bouquet
    Something like this:
  • What colours and type of decorations we would like for the Bunga Pahar + Bunga Rampai + Sirih Junjung + Sirih Dara
  • Cookies as favors. The top ones are for the adults and the bottom ones are for the kids

  • They ordered and treated us Domino pizza in their office! <3


Apr 2014

1: Collected the invitation cards after a lot of to and fro changes made on the venue and whatnot.

2: Make a list of 100+ songs for the wedding

3: Renew passport via website and went down to collect a few weeks later, in time for the KL, Malaysia trip


Mar 2014

Booking via Registry of Muslim Marriage website for solemnisation services and application for marriage
There were only 3 kadi available for the date! :( Not much of a choice.


Feb 2014

Booking of the usage of Amphitheatre for 2 days (Saturday + Sunday), including power and water usage with the Town Council


Jan 2014

1: Met my second make-up artistto do a make-up trial at my wedding planner’s office
Honestly, I’m too lazy to go for another trial make-up session with another one. >_>

2: Hairstyle
With the first outfit:
Full up

With the second outfit:
Half up

With the third outfit:
Full down


Dec 2013

1: Attended the 2-full days Pre-Marriage Course in English via SPMC at CIMB building in Raffles Place
It was an awesome one!!! Enjoyed and loved it!

2: Confirmed from whom we would borrow the car from and who would be the driver.
Eventually, it was one of his bestmen


Nov 2013

Attended an event at Compassvale to choose and make a down-payment for the invitation cards.

  • 600 pcs of DL Size Postcards


Oct 2013

1: Called up and went to see the owner of Ken Studio at his office to book two packages for the big day.

Photography Package

  • 10 hours photography service
  • 300 pcs of 4R photo with album
  • All images returned in high resolution digital file
  • Requested for the owner to be our photographer for the day

Videography Package

  • 10 hours videography service
  • 2 pcs of DVD with editing
  • Raw video on DVD

2: Made an appointment with IDOWEDDING at the Singapore Expo to book for a our post-wedding photography


  • 30-pages standard photography
  • 4 gowns and 2 tuxedo + Hanbok set
  • 1 consultant + 1 hair and make-up artist
  • 20R photo frame
  • Original CD (unedited images)
  • Local transportation in South Korea (only if we book the list of hotels they partner with via them directly or Dynasty Travels)
  • Interpreter

I wanted to hire Ola Lola Weddings & Events services for my “hantaran” gift trays, but, they apologetically said they wouldn’t be working during that month of our event. :(
Back to the drawing board of research.

4: 2 weeks later, I found Zudyra Creations and took up their package

  • Snap and Print Guestbook services (including photobooth)

  • 12 “hantaran” gift trays
  • Artificial car decoration

5: Called Town Council on how the booking of the location and what we can get out of it

6: Went to the first make-up artist’s place with my wedding planner for a makeup trial
It was alright, but, too thick for my taste


May 2013

We went through with their range of packages and settled with the most expensive one, whilst, removing some of the stuff.

  • Food (too long a list to place it here >_<) and dessert for 1200 pax
  • Stage or what we would call “pelamin”, decoration of up to 20ft
  • Tables and chairs with covers
  • Banquet services
  • DJ (my own set of songs in mp3)
  • Bunga Pahar + Bunga Rampai + Sirih Junjung + Sirih Dara
  • 1200 pcs wedding favors (cookies!)
  • 100 pcs favors for kids
  • Makeup artist and Hair Stylist + 3 sets of wedding clothes
  • Kompang
  • Bus
  • 3-tier cake + cupcakes



Oct 2012 – Apr 2013

I did a lot of research.
From food to cards to wedding planners to decoration, etc.
But, we came to a mutual agreement that we would take that wedding planner.
Honestly, we felt that we could work with them because of all the vendors, we were way comfortable whilst discussing with them.
The rest felt as though there was a gap between us and them as clients vs business people.
I called them up and we set up a meeting time and place to talk further and sign a contract!

Asked for A LOT of quotations from a long list of vendors for nearly everything.


Jan 2013

Signed the lease, paid for the down-payment.
Estimated to be up by end 2016


Nov 2012

Applied for HDB housing loan


Oct 2012

We visited the (Malay) Wedding Fair held at the Singapore Expo, talked to a number of vendors.
I was hoping to have a wedding in a hotel initially.
But, eventually gave up on the idea a few weeks later because it would be way too expensive if we were to invite a big group of people.
Hotel = smaller group.. thus, probably only family members and a few close friends… =(
Of the lot, we also spoke to our (eventual) wedding planner, Urbane Wedding Concept.
We actually made a down-payment for a pre-wedding photography by Ken Studio.
Yet, we left the location, still with lots of doubts and unsure about anything at all.


Sept 2012

Got a queue number, which is a bit more than half of the number of selected people.
Did a little research and chose a few houses we would like to live in and got one of them (it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis based on your balloted queue number)


Aug 2012



July 2012

Applied for Build-to-order flat during the July 2012 exercise for a spot at the north-east of Singapore as a first-timer.


Some time in 2012?

All he said was… “let’s buy house together”.
That was pretty much our “done-deal” to get married and a house.
No proposals.. no rings.. nothing except that one line.


<3 Icesabel

Some Misconceptions

Before I start… I hope you, as a reader, is a little open minded and less Islamophobic when reading this.
Anyone is free to choose what they believe in, that is your own right.
But, if you would like to have little insight, feel free to to read on. :)


This video deals with the obvious criticisms of Islam and brings light to their reality.

1) The Marriage of Aisha with Muhammad (pbuh)
2) The issue of polygamy and multiple wives in Islam
3) The punishment of adultery in Islam
4) The concept of Jihad and fighting
5) The final words and death of Muhammad (pbuh) the best man to walk this Earth.

***Please note that Mary did not get married in Islam. This is the Christian’s view, but, regardless, it would have still been seen as a normal marriage***

“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”
Quran 61:8



And a few more:

The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers.
All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying],
“We make no distinction between any of His messengers.”…”
(Quran 2:285)

Muslims believe in those prophets mentioned by name in Islamic sources:
There are 25 prophets in Islam.

  1. Adam
    - Important figure in Judaism and Christianity as well and is best known for the story of Adam and Eve.
  2. Idris
    - Identified with Enoch found in the Old Testament. Known to be the first prophet to wage a jihad war.
  3. Noah
    - Selected to build the Ark, which enabled him and his family to survive the Great Flood. His name is given to the 71st sura of the Quran, Nuh.
  4. Hud
    - Was sent by God some time after the deluge to remind the people of his nation about God. He was sent to the people of ʿĀd.
  5. Saleh
    - Was ordered by God to leave behind his people after they disobeyed God’s orders. They were the nation of Thamud.
  6. Abraham
    - One of the significant prophets as he is credited with building the Kaaba in Mecca. His family included his sons Ishmael and Isaac as well as his grandson Jacob, all three are seen as prophets, and the women considered as holy in Islam, Sarah and Hagar.
  7. Lot
    - Known in Islam for preaching against homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah, only to be mocked and ignored by the people who lived there. This nation was destroyed by God’s command.
  8. Ishmael
    -  Ishmael[14] (Ismail, اسماعيل) and his mother Hagar’s (Hajra) search for water in the region around Mecca led God to reveal the Zamzam Well.
  9. Isaac
    - Second-born son of Abraham with Sarah, became a prophet in Canaan. He, along with his brother Ishmael, carried on the legacy of Abraham as prophets of Islam.
  10. Jacob
    - He continued the legacy of both his father, Isaac, and his grandfather, Abraham.
  11. Joseph
    - Son of Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham, became a prominent advisor to the Pharaoh of Egypt since he was believed to have been able to predict the future through dream interpretation
  12. Job
    - (Ayyub, أيوب) was rewarded by a Fountain of Youth, which removed all illnesses except death, for his service to God in his hometown outside Al Majdal.
  13. Shuaib
    - He was appointed by God to guide the people of Midian and Aykah, who lived near Mount Sinai. When the people of the region failed to listen to his warnings, their villages were destroyed by God. He is associated with Jethro in the Bible
  14. Moses
    - Is referred to in the Quran more than any other prophet, is significant for revealing the Tawrat (Torah) one of the Islamic holy books as well as compiling the other revelations in the Scrolls of Moses. The Quran says Moses realized his connection with God after receiving commands from him during a stop at Mount Sinai.
  15. Aaron
    - Served as an assistant to his elder brother Moses. In Islam, he, like Moses, was given the task of saving the Israelites from the Egyptian pharaoh. He would often speak for Moses when his speech impediment prevented him from doing so himself
  16. Dhul-Kifl
    - He is mentioned twice in the Quran (sura Al-Anbiya ayah 85 and sura Sad ayah 48). Both references describe that Dhul-Kifl was amongst the most patient and righteous of men. He is most often identified with the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel because Ezekiel in his journey to Nineveh went to a little town called Al Kifl and his shrine is there. So, people believe Ezekiel as Dhul-Kifl.
  17. David
    - He is also significant as the one who conquered Goliath.
  18. Solomon
    - Learned a significant amount from his father David before being made a prophet by God. According to Islamic tradition, Solomon was given power over all things, including the jinns. Known for his honesty and fairness, he also led a kingdom that extended into southern Arabia. He inherited his father’s throne because he made fair decisions.
  19. Elijah
    - A descendant of Aaron, took over control of the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula after Solomon’s kingdom collapsed. Islamic tradition says he attempted to convince the people of the Peninsula of the existence of only one god, but when the people refused to listen they were smitten with a drought and famine.
  20. Elisha
    -  Took over the job of leading the Israelites after the death of Elijah. He attempted to show the king and queen of the Kingdom of Israel the powers of God, but was dismissed as a magician. Subsequently, the Assyrians were able to conquer the Israelites and inflict significant damage on them.
  21. Jonah
    - Was commanded by God to help the people of Nineveh towards righteousness. However, after Nineveh’s people refused to listen to him, he became disgruntled and started to ignore him. After an incident where Jonah was spared death, he decided to re-commit himself to striving for God, attempting to lead the people of Nineveh to righteousness. But after returning to evil, illicit ways, the Scythians conquered them.
  22. Zechariah
    - A descendant of Solomon, Zechariah, was a patron of Mary, the mother of Jesus. According to Islamic tradition, he prayed to God asking for a son, since his sterile wife Elizabeth (al-Yashbi) could not provide one. God granted his wishes, temporarily lifting his wife’s sterility and allowing her to give birth to John the Baptist. His death was considered tragic as several Israelites severed his body in half.
  23. Yahya
    - Like his father Zechariah, John the Baptist, prayed to God to bless him with a son who could continue his legacy of guiding people towards Islam. Throughout his lifetime, John the Baptist captivated audiences with his powerful sermons that preached monotheism.
  24. Jesus
    - One of the highest ranked prophets in Islam, Jesus (`Isa, عيسى) was sent to guide the Children of Isra’el. The Quran makes it very clear that Jesus is not the son of God as Christianity teaches, but rather a prophet, and messenger of God. He was able to perform many miracles but only by the will of God. It also states that he received the Gospel (Injil) that form part of the New Testament, although the version seen today is different from the one revealed at the time. The Islamic view of Jesus’ death is that Jesus was not crucified on the cross but instead is in heaven, waiting to return to defeat the Masih ad-Dajjal (false messiah). Nevertheless, it is to Jesus, alone of all the prophets, that the Quran gives the title Masih – Messiah meaning “annointed one”.
  25. Muhammad. May the mercy and blessings of God be upon him.
    - Is the last prophet and also is considered the Imam of all the prophets. According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad never claimed that Islam was a new religion but in fact preached the unity of the religion since Adam, the first person and prophet of God. The strongest Islamic belief is that Islam is the only religion which all prophets preached. Also, the Quran refers to all prophets as Muslims. He was a lawgiver, trust worthy, humble, and merciful. He continued to lead the Muslims, spreading Islam across the Arabian Peninsula. He performed the first hajj in 629 and established the form of Islam, with its five pillars still practised by Muslims today.

“And We have already sent messengers before you.
Among them are those [whose stories] We have related to you, and among them are those [whose stories] We have not related to you.
And it was not for any messenger to bring a sign [or verse] except by permission of Allah…”
(Quran 40:78)

Muslims firmly believe the final prophet was the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, and there will be no prophet or messenger after him.


<3 Icesabel

Our Song

Hah! Ok.. our song is supposedly K-Hunter’s Marry Me.

But, I’m choosing this song as one of the 2 main songs for the wedding!
Pasha Feat Adelia – Penghujung Cintaku

Shucks… I can’t find the English translation to post it here, so… I’m going to attempt to translate it by myself.. lol~
Not that it’s long.


Finding my love ends here
My soul is not lonely anymore
My heart has been taken

I’ve reached the end of finding love
I’m not lonely anymore
Now, I’m not alone

I will marry you
I will take care of you
I will always be by your side for the rest of your life

I will love you
I will be faithful to you
I will always be by your side for the rest of your life


<3 Icesabel

The Real Face Of Real Terrorists

Originally posted on Shadows :

With red bulging eyes burning like hell, his distressed slow steps dragged his dead body into the class room. His beloved students got amazed as they took a glance of his miserable self in contrast to the usual polished and well dressed one.

Every student in this class loved their teacher ever since he had been teaching them. Their hearts literally missed some beats as he spoke out in a broken voice, again, very unusual as compared to his usual soft polite voice.

“How are you all”

“We are fine Sir !” They all spoke out at once. The pin dropped silence scattered for a second and then settled itself back.

He never used to teach them in ordinary ways i.e by reading from books or through cramming. He…

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Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2014

Today was the last day of the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2014 and caught the last 3 hours.
Don’t mind me being awkward in the pictures.. lol.. hmmm.. I’m like that irl.. >_<


First of all… congrats to all the winners!!!
<3 <3 <3

This guy… is from Korea.. and.. he’s.. ermm… kinda eccentric.. but, sweet and very friendly! <3
First and only Korean to be in the competition.
Jeon Ji Hwan

His last performance was extremely awesome!
The tricks will make you awe in admiration.
Hands down… when he was done with the finals.

I think he was a little drunk when he took a picture with me.
He had just finished his can of beer after his inspiring performance and was going around hugging people..
Hehehehe <3
Sorry… I can’t help, but, notice it.
I definitely don’t want to upload the pictures where he wanted to “bite” me. >_>
Scary +_+

Then, comes the inspiring.. my most fave of them all…
The cute guy from Japan, Shinji Saito <3

He was totally cool when he did the last portion where all the 5 first winners went head on with each other on a 30 seconds battle.
Going around his head.. neck.. tongue?.. horizontal moves.. jumps.. back.. “straitjacket”.. not sure what that’s called.. anyway.. the whole thing was WOW.. just… wow~
I <3 your shoes!


I did get to catch a pic with Takahiko Hasegawa.


Last I took pictures of my fave players… was back in 2010!


<3 Icesabel

Before she says goodbye…

My current fave song right now!!! <3

Andrew Rayel feat. Alexandra Badoi – Goodbye
(Featured on A State Of Trance 2014)

Open your doors,
Ready your angels
Maybe she falls…
Give her two wings,
Teach her to fly,
No fear and no tears,
She’ll say just goodbye…

Without your love
All is a lie,
There’s cold and pain inside,
You fade that shining light…
Please stop her,
Before she says goodbye…


<3 Icesabel

Plans to learn

The last training I went overseas (last week) was on Safety & Security.
No no.. it wasn’t IT based.
Was pretty much being brought into this S&S department as a focal person for this country.

Each country usually either has a S&S manager and a focal person or just one or two focal peeps if they are without any S&S specialist.
This focal person is usually, someone who volunteers or is asked to become one, who are from another department and would dedicate a part of their work time on S&S.
Thus, although I’m from IT, I became a S&S focal person.
We have this system in place because of the industry we are in and that we work in or with countries of high risks.

Although extremely tired during the long hours of theories and project work…
Learned so much… especially the vets from Afg and Pak… if you know the full names of these countries.
Especially the fact that I’m coming from a low risk island… it’s a really eye-opening learning experience.
We pretty much did a whole lot and series of group work on scenarios similar to real life situations.
Which is so awesome!

Now… if only my boss and whom I’d call my part-time bosses to find a little budget to send me over to the rest of this region to assimilate reality.
Except that.. I’d probably fail out from the gruesome interviews to get visas for these places. :’(
Although I do dislike the *ehem* govt *ehem* here on so many different levels of reasoning, I do have to give props and how recommendable the country does take care of its citizens in certain ways (where they should’ve placed more priority on other sectors).
Hey… I’m just being blunt honest.. but, I’m not against anyone though… I just hate the system.

Been doing quite a few courses and holding a couple of certs in security, first aid, etc now.
Going to do a couple more before I can fly again to join the international training with the global team instead of just the Asia region (last week’s).
Next time around.. I might faint of exhaustion!
It’s going to be super uber intensive… not having a clue on anything, just like last week.
Feeling like a noob in the midst of the pros.

I HAVE to count my blessings on how wonderful this Asia Region S&S team is.. just when I thought I was already blessed to work with my beloved Asia Region IT team.
Perfection in itself.
This group are filled with way more older people who are vets and experts in this field.
Most, if not all, are patient and are more than willing to teach you from scratch.


I’ve been eyeing on 2 IT certifications.
One short one which… hopefully, I’ll be able to do before the end of this year.
The other one.. probably next year.. since this and next month is a no-no.. so is September.
Then I’ll have 3 months before the end of this year to do that short certification course.
Shucks.. time flies really quickly!


Last but not least, on a personal note, I really really REALLY hope… In Sya Allah… to go Umrah next year.
Umrah is a pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
Sometimes called the ‘minor pilgrimage’ or ‘lesser pilgrimage’, the Hajj being the ‘major’ pilgrimage.
So, hopefully, I’ll get to save up, go for a short course and go with my mum.
She has already gone Umrah a few times and Hajj once.
Such an experience!!!

I’m currently broke because of my wedding expenses… sigh.. next would be the house renovation expenses… sigh.
But, you know what?
If it’s meant to be… it will be… so.. I’m going to work towards my goals and pray hard!


Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world!!


<3 Icesabel


Dear Diary,

It has been a long time since I really looked back.
Reflect and remember.

For a couple of years now, I have been taking things one at a time and not looking back, at least, not for long.
I tend to forget a lot of things.
Only because I do not allow my memory to infuse and attach itself to me.
Ever since that incident years back.

I had some time off whilst I was on my travels a few days back (for work).
Went to a beautiful peaceful river beside a gorgeously decorated pier brimmed with lights and the sky filled with stars.
I could’ve sworn that I have not felt at peace exactly like that… entirely relaxed and purely happy without any reason from the “outside world”.

And… I finally decided to be the old me… again… for just that moment.

I’ve changed throughout the course of my life.
I notice it and embrace the change because I wanted it to be like so.
But, if I were to look back, I was quite a different person altogether.

Now, if I were to choose to think deeply, I’d just regress and fall back into having to think so much.
It was a defensive mechanism on my part.
Because of a part of my past.

As much as I want to deny, I was a runner.
Not as much now.

I run away from anything and everything.
In some ways, it’s good.
In many other cases, it seems as though, I sometimes see it as a negative point that exudes being weak.
That was how I used to deal with pain, loss and heavy burdens that come my way.

That is why I loved to game since I was young.
That peace… that life… that reality wouldn’t give to me.
Then, that turned to daydreams.
Which in turn, sometimes, turned to reality.

It’s not greener on any side.
I know that fact.
But, I also know that I tend to find alternatives instead of going full head-on to something when a part of me have given up hope.
Those alternatives usually call for “running away”.

I tried that once in real life.
I wanted to migrate and all ready with my visa which has already been approved of.
But, things took a change.

That’s… me.
Whether I want to deny that section of myself or not.
It’ll eventually slide past my sensible self.

How I respect those who are strong (mentally and emotionally).
How they are able to always stand ground to their principles and not sway away or run off into something that might take them to a wrong turn.
But, then again… how would we know it would’ve been wrong in the future anyway?

I wish I could lock myself into that moment for longer.
I would’ve said that I don’t believe in perfection.
That moment seemed too perfect to be real.
But, it is.

Time will tell… how things should be.


<3 Icesabel

Old… ahh… I feel old…

Ok ok.. I’d better stop annoying people who are way older than me.

Before I talk about that…
I was actually doing a spring cleaning… more like throwing away A LOT of my stuff.
Since I’m going to move out in August, I might as well throw all the things that I don’t need.
There’s no reason to why I’d want to leave anything behind.

I found…
“… Oh baby baby… how was I supposed to know…”

Just when I thought that was one of my fave cassette back then…
“… Here I am.. the one that you love… “
POP~ Comes out one of my other oldies faves.
Air Supply.

I found all my old journals and diaries back in the early 90s through to the early 2000s!
Found most of my poems… ahhh.. the poetic emo me when I was young.
All the useless books and papers back when I was taking up my diploma, degree and those original Microsoft certification books (windows server 2003?? dang.. old-timer)… off to the bin!
Clothes that I either never worn or don’t think will ever wear again.
50-50 on keeping all the music CDs of yesteryears.
Random stuff that I’d keep, which is deemed as useless.

My cupboard is pretty bare now.
Only with the necessities and some old memory keepsakes.
I think I’ll leave some stuff behind until I get the keys to my BTO flat in 2 years time.


<3 Icesabel

My brother… a dad

My elder brother is a proud father of his second child a few days back, a cute daughter.
His first is a son.
How perfect!! XD

Although, I’ve just met him 2 days back, I kind of miss him.
So, I’ve decided to write something about… well, us as siblings!


My brother is…

I remember him messaging me before I got home because my mum was frustrated over something and was venting out her anger at my stuff, to take extra caution. He is my protector and sometimes, I wish I could protect him in return whenever she vents out her anger at him.

Like having a bodyguard around protecting his little sister from dangers.

He is the reason I fell in love with technology. He was the one who loved to open up our computer desktop tower and fiddling about and I loved watching him do wonders in MS-DOS commands. From then forth, I became an IT convert!

He, my younger brother and my dad are the reasons why I love soccer and Liverpool FC so much!

I wouldn’t need to wonder what I’d look like if I was a boy. I’d probably look like one of my brothers.

My girl friends were always eyeing on him. He’s very tall and good-looking, with chiselled features. I would make gross faces and act as though I’d go crazy if they were to be my brother’s gf (none ever did anyway, even though they did try to flirt with him). I’m actually proud to have such a good-looking brother.

He wasn’t exactly keen on sharing his toys when we were way younger, when I wasn’t in school yet. He would hit me whenever I tried to take his boy toys. Secretly, I’d take his he-man and teenage mutant ninja turtles and wed them with my Barbie dolls… lol XD.. whenever he didn’t notice. But, I also loved playing with his excavators, trailers, trains, etc.. haha.. no.. seriously.. I loved them!

The very reason taking your razer made me a convert in buying a guy’s razer instead of a girl’s! They work way better!

Closer to me than with my younger brother or sister. Because you’d call “adik” which means younger sister/brother, whilst you’d call the other two by their nicknames. >_<

One of the reasons that made me believe that not all boys are the same. You’re a living proof of what a good man is. I can see that with your wife and kids right now as well. God bless them.



<3 Icesabel… your little sister.


Father’s Day

15th June is Father’s Day.


Whilst there are a handful of blog posts on my mum, I never wrote about my dad.
I never really thought about it.
So, I might actually be “brainstorming” through my memories and picking up wisps of it to place it in this post.
Thus, it might sound more like pieces of broken memories being placed together in a puzzle.

As with the many times I’ve said… I grew up with my grandparents until I was 15 or so.
Whilst my mum seems more like the breadwinner of the family…
In my eyes, my dad was a very laid-back person who didn’t seem to be doing much.
My mum paid for most of everything in the house, including the family car expenses and whatnot.
Thus, although we weren’t close, I do admire her for these good qualities of being strong emotionally and mentally.
Sometimes, I would hear regret in my mum’s voice, when she ever does talk to me personally, about my dad.
He ain’t a bad person.
Well, no one is perfect.
His priorities might seem clouded up, in my opinion.
He has made personal mistakes whilst I was growing up that I’m not particularly proud of.

I remember trying to wake him up so that he could send me for my morning Saturday classes.
Usually, failed attempts and at times, he said you don’t need to go and would talk to my teacher.
But, I loved studying, so, I was very pissed many times at him.
Since I was only given enough for one meal from Monday to Friday…
On Saturdays when I had classes, I would meekly ask my dad if I could have extra for one meal on a Saturday since I would have to be out.
Most of the time, he would tell me to ask my mum.
But, since I was scared of my mum, I eventually wouldn’t eat for the day.
Since I’m the black sheep of the family, (according to my mum), when my mum is in a bad mood and ready to strike me, my big brother was the one to help me, but, not my dad.

He would play soccer with me and my 2 brothers and our flat neighbours.
Even when we’ve moved twice, we made friends with our neighbours to play soccer at the field nearby.
He would bring me to the institution he was teaching at for a couple of years as an engineering lecturer when I was very young, though that made me bored.
He would crack stupid supposedly-jokes that is not in the least funny, which would make all of us laugh because of that stupidity.
He’s the total opposite of my serious and strict mum.
He isn’t exactly tech-savvy or good in the English Language.
So, he’d always embarrass us (the family) when we’re out and about.
He does lighten up the mood whenever a grave situation is about.
Sometimes to the point that he should’ve stopped joking and made it very inappropriate to joke about.
He’s not far-sighted, who’d think further on consequences, etc.
He just does whatever he wants to.

When he started to job hop, my mum started to worry I’d be like him and not stick to a job or have a stable career.
But, she didn’t understand my need to find my passion in the work that I have to do.
Although, I have most of my mum’s character, I have facial features of my dad.

But, you know…
Without him, I wouldn’t be alive and who I am… now, would I?


<3 Icesabel



Saw this.

You know what?
It happens to me.
I lose weight when I’m stress.
Unfortunately, so does the following.
My skin breaks out with acne all over my face and body.
I lose the glow and happiness from within.
I tire easily.
Confused and mentally lethargic.
I lose the only fats that I need to look normal aka not look under-nourished with just skin and bones.
I look more like a sick girl rather than a so-called supermodel.

It’s not like I have a choice that this happens every time I’m very stressed.
Everyone is different.
Stay unique.
Stay true to yourself… As long as you’re healthy and happy.

You’ve forgotten to asses the rest of the consequences stress brings along with it.
Guess what?
That’s what media has told the majority of humanity to believe what’s beautiful.
What in the world is beautiful by looking and feeling sick?

<3 Icesabel