Big Hero 6

I LOVE this movie!

Tugged my heart strings here and there… such a lovely storyline.
Wasn’t bored at any point in time.
I didn’t even know what it was about when I bought the tix.
The guys wanted to watch it.

Wrapped up in a sentence:
A group of intelligent nerds turned to super heros.


<3 Icesabel

Sick.. sick.. sick

Just a warning that this might seem a bit weird for guys to read.


I’ve been feeling nausea for nearly 2 and a half weeks.
Been contemplating on writing this post, but, meh… I feel a little frustrated and very exhausted right now.

Since I got married, my period has been on a fixed schedule of the first week of every month.
Before that, I was that underweight girl who never knew when her period would come.
It can skip for months, longest to date: 6 months of no period!
Since it was pretty normal in my family genes to go through this, plus being underweight before preggie, plus every other whatever thingy I can’t think of right now.
All these happened to my late great-grandma and grandma (I was/am their fave).
Not so for my mum.
Also, I’ve seen a few docs all those years and I’m pretty much healthy except for the underweight part, so, I never rally cared.
I probed on and did a little research and it’s partly due to the lack of fat percentage in our body, calculated based on the BMI.
The one with the weight of between 39-42kg, depending on whether I was active/stressed.
It wasn’t a choice, but, I wouldn’t say much about it with other girls/women anyway… you know how they are.
*pretty lucky that my family genes have ample boobs and butt, whether they were underweight or normal weight (after giving birth)… huhuhuhu…*.

So, I checked that it’s usually during the 6th week that women usually feel nausea.
Are you kidding me?
What the…?
I was nausea 2 weeks after my period!
Became stronger and for longer hours after that.
The over the counter test showed negative since it was way too early to check.
But.. oh my gosh… I ALWAYS feel nausea.
Feeling so lethargic every night even though I didn’t even do much for the day.
No mood to do work because of the constant nausea sickly feeling.

All I can do is wait until the first week of next month.. which is.. next week.. to check properly with a doc.
Yes.. I’ve gained so much weight that I’ve already lost my 24″ waist and due to the ample thingy, said earlier.
I gain weight around those portions the most.
I’ve never had my tummy look bloated before.
I’m pretty much at 44kg now.
The perfect BMI, for my height, to have a kid… as I’ve read.


I hate the non-stop nausea feeling.
But, I still feel blessed that I’ve got an annoying, but, loving hubby.
There are a lot of things he has done on his part which are pretty much awesome, to me.
So many things.
And.. he has never been so appreciative and shows it to me, not even before we got married and we knew each other for a decade.
Sure, everyone goes through squabbles… but, other than him annoying me to bits with nonsensical “issues”.
He’s quite different from who he was before we got married.
It’s for the better.



Like I’ve mentioned weeks back, that, when my younger sister-in-law got married, his relatives and mum said I was preggie just by looking at me.
My mum casually said that I was just happy and gained weight.
But, she did say that when she visited my grandma recently, my grandma asked my mum if there was any “good news”.
My grandma asked me if the guy beside me was my hubby on the day of my wedding more than 20 times, because she has dementia.
I didn’t expect that she would remember after that.
More so, to ask that particular question!
My friend said that older people sometimes have a sixth sense.
Maybe so.
I’m not denying that, but, I’d know the facts when I see it next month.


Honestly, I’m half-happy and half-stressed.
Happy if I do get a blessing of joy from God.
Stressed because we’ve got quite a load of problems to solve.
We don’t even have our own place yet and paying a high rent for where we’re staying at.
I don’t know if I can find a new job right now.
It wouldn’t be too fair for the new company to hire me and then for me to go on a 3-months maternity leave just after the probation period.
Although, there are a lot of problems that stacked upon each other at work, as to why I want to leave.

I did tell a few people about this.
They told me that things happen as it should.
I know… I always tell that to others.
I’m just scared that things won’t be right enough.

Come to think of it, I haven’t even told my mum about this.
I wanted to when I visit her.
Maybe I should visit her today alone instead of the weekend with my hubby.

We might not have been the best of friends last time, but, she’s my mum..
She has given me good advice for years.. although, I do not agree on a small percentage of them…
She has been a nurse for 40 years, working for a lot of hospitals around the island.
It still rings in my ears…
She told me that she would not take care of my kids if I marry my hubby…
Although, she did acknowledge him and is nice to him since we got married.
If you know what I mean.
She hated him back then.

Oh well~
I’m off~


<3 Icesabel

The Quiet Side

Sometimes, I wish that I’m a little more different (on this matter).
When others become emotional or need “support”, I can’t really give that special hug or put it into kinder words.
I feel awkward and I just wish I wasn’t there to begin with.
Not that I’m not emotional or don’t care.
I can’t stand seeing someone sincerely being pitiful in any way.
I’m that person who cries and dies inside silently.
It’s just that, I didn’t grow up in an environment where I could share those “tender womanly love” or was given that kind of treatment.
I grew up telling myself the facts of life that made me live on and stay strong.
I’m more like those guys who could neither put feelings into words nor show it out to the world, in an instant.

Sometimes, I can see that they need it.
I seem to look heartless… emotionless.
Sometimes, I want to give something, but, I can’t.
Words that flow out from me sound more like telling you how to be strong in a very rigid way… factual, to say the least.
At times, I do care to the point that I do want to change.
But, most of the time, I allow my ego to rule the best of me.

If possible, I prefer moving out of the way from others most of the time.
Once in a while, I wish I could apologise profusely to how I (don’t) react and know how I should’ve reacted.
But, in the end, I don’t want to.
Because if I wasn’t this way, I wouldn’t have been alive at all.
What do they all know about me anyway?
Not that I care if they don’t, but, I have that reason and more to why I stand ground to who I am.
Maybe I’m essentially… selfish.

They’ve got their reasons to be so.
No blaming.. no finger-pointing.
But, if one needs that love (whether out of real concern or courtesy), you’ll have to count me out.

The saddest part is that… all these reminds me of my own mother.
I’ve never once.. not wonder if I’m like her in many ways.
In that, I use more of my brain than my heart to understand what she does is out of love.

It doesn’t mean that once I go through one path, that I will be just the same.
In the sentence above.. I mean… if I grew up without love that doesn’t mean that I will not give love in return as I grow older.
As in.. I will not do upon others what others do upon me.
I’ll choose what I want to do based on what I deem as alright at that very moment.

I’m sorry if I didn’t say “I’m sorry”.
Be assured that, if I do speak, I will tell you what I really think will make you stronger (although, might not necessarily be emotionally better).
Be assured that you will be in my mind when I pray.
Be assured that it’s sincere and not because I feel sorry for you out of pathetic pity or courtesy.

That’s just me and somehow, I’m not sorry for being me.

They call me the “non-hugger”.

<3 Icesabel

Randomness =D


How reality in gaming goes~

Every freaking meeting at work~

I was close to throwing a laptop at someone last week… no joke~

Who do you think I am? Lying to me about not dropping that laptop and causing an error that clearly stated that the HDD is dead! WTH? I actually wouldn’t mind if you say it straight in my face why the problem occured. Yes, really. But, never.. EVER lie to me as if I would never find out! ;….;

Got so pissed~

Dang… didn’t expect this “randomness” post to be so negative…. so…

Before I end, here’s something I’d like to share~

“Every pro was once an amateur.
Every expert was once a beginner.
So dream big and start now.”

Well, unless you’re a n00b (not referring to newbies).
N00bs never learn and they stay a n00b forever. >_>

<3 Icesabel

World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary @ Zouk Singapore

Zouk Singapore
17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore 169420
23 November 2014, Sunday 7pm – 11pm

From their FB:

We’re celebrating the 10 epic years of World of Warcraft!


Everyone who considers themselves a World of Warcraft fan, which includes players who…
…who want to give Garrosh another round of good old fashioned beating
…reminisces about raiding the Black Temple
…still brags about clearing the old 40-man Molten Core
…remembers swimming across continents to avoid going pass enemy faction territory (with a coin on their keyboard)
…who made friends while walking through the Barrens
…the pain of saving up gold to buy your first flying mount
…knows what we mean when we say… dots, more dots.. stop dots!

We also welcome those who, over the years have been…
…got aggro’ed by their significant others
…taken away by real life
…raid real-life bosses
…and always goes to /rage quit.

Admissions is free for all! Register at

We’re also mailing out physical invites to people who register above (limited to a few!) so let us know if you’re coming as soon as possible!

We’re putting Darkmoon Faire in real life. Zouk might not be purple and green, but we’ll have fun games for people to play. Playing the games earn you points that you can redeem for cool prizes. Think about it like a WOW arcade!

We also have Blizzard merchandise for sale by Epic Loot if there’s other stuff you want to buy!

Lucky draw includes in-game items (which includes a certain rare polar bear mount from 2008…/grin)

We just want everyone to have fun and celebrate with us, feel free to bring your friends (even if they don’t play WOW!)

***Don’t forget to register for the event at***

Looking forward to enjoying an EPIC day!

Makeup Remover Recommendation

If you’re like me, a fan of waterproof mascara, you might dreading wiping it off at the end of the day.
The skin around the eye area is very delicate.
Unfortunately, I tend to mistreat it at times, as well… hur hur hur.

Just as many other brands and products that I’ve tried, it took a long time before I found my fave and stuck to it.
There definitely are a lot of them out there, whatever your preference.
Cleansing milks, oil-based, alcohol-based, soap-based..
From the higher-end to the lower-end brands.

Hands down to the Biore makeup remover.

I have very oily and sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts.

For tough waterproof mascara, press it down a little on your lashes for a few seconds before wiping.
It’d get “soaked” up with the product, thus, being removed easier and faster afterwards.
Most non-wipes are a real mess and really annoys me for the black mess on my eyes, face and hands.
In addition to that, oil-based products that eases out tough mascaras would most likely cause a breakout on my skin.
But, not this one.
Plus, for the 44-sheets costs about SG$15, I think.
I’d prefer buying the 10-sheets (a loss of 4 sheets, but, about the same price if you add it up to 40 sheets)… only because somehow, the sheets dry up fast whenever I’d accidentally not close the lid tightly.

That doesn’t mean you don’t wash your face with your usual face cleanser after using a cleansing wipe though!
It might look clean and feel great (my face actually does feel clean after the wipe), but, the normal grime will still linger.
So, the normal routine of face washing should never be skipped.

I’ve been using this for more than a year now.
Loving it!!!

<3 Icesabel



It was my sister-in-law’s solemnisation on Saturday afternoon and a friend’s wedding dinner after that until 11pm.
SIL’s wedding was held the whole of Sunday… helping out with a lot of things.
/looks at my dark rings and eye bags

Only got to play games for a mere 3 hours since Friday!!!

Grumbling to myself most of the time, because, I’m quite addicted to playing my DH.


My hubby was asking.. “why don’t you go back to being a huntard?”
*In WOW, hunters are called huntards*
I’ve got to say, I made an excellent huntard (when I feel like annoying certain people)!!!
Bwahahahaha~ *trolling*

It’s just that, since *the beginning of time* the first time I gamed, if I had the choice to choose between classes, I’d choose one who uses a bow (or… hurhurhur… a healer/medic).

Talking about D3, in Diablo, Hellfire, D2 and LOD, I would only play archer/amazon.
But, when I moved to D3, I was inspired to primarily play the wizard.
Pretty much sums me up… I play only what I like to play… whatever makes me happy.
Very insistent to not play the DH, until I decided… well, since I have no freaking idea how to maximise my Wiz anymore, I might as well, try all the other classes.
The WD was because of my short of gold issue which I’ve talked about a couple of weeks back.
The DH was my 3rd installation and I was randomly being a noob, doing no damage and following my guildies around, picking up loot at the back and getting killed like there’s no tomorrow.
When… *ting*… a Calamity dropped and I got hooked.
*Calamity = 20% extra damage on all enemies that you hit*
Yeah.. it all starts with an item and you build something around it.


I’ve got 2 interviews for the past week, both asking for a second interview.
Hoping to get an offer from the first company that called me… I prefer that job scope.

I was thinking of taking more time to think about what I really want to do next.
But, because of all the negativity surrounding a lot of things, it’s pushing me so much to want to let this seat go.
Guess my patience was running thin with the current situation.


A LOT of people are saying that I’ve gained a lot of weight.
In some ways, I don’t really care… except that I think my tummy doesn’t look as awesome.
My jeans are getting tight at the bum.. rofl~ and I was a high-waist 24″ and a low-waist 26″… until now.
I know that my lineage holds a skinny disposition (aka underweight) until after giving birth.
But, I’m not even pregnant yet. >_>

Maybe they should’ve said after 30 years old?
Doesn’t matter.
I don’t mind the extra curves on the body.
But, I do mind that people keep saying that my face is round.
Nah… I actually don’t mind that either.

What bothers me a little is the fact that… my mother in law (keeps pestering me), grandmother (who has amnesia) and I don’t know how she can remember me being married because she kept asking me the same question more than 20 times on my wedding day if the guy beside me is my hubby, only once by my mum just because she said I’m already 30 and countless times by everyone else because they see me gaining weight.
No one has ever saw me “filled up” than I am right now.
Actually, I’m still considered as underweight because I’ve not even achieved that 45kg to reach the acceptable weight for my height.
But, I’ve only reached 42kg once or twice in my life (which made me really happy.. lol).

Everyone seems to be curious to how I’m going to gain weight if I’m preggie.
Practically….. anyone who knows me.
I have my suspicions…



A month back, my group of friends, together with my hubby went overseas for a weekend trip of water park fun.
Somehow, the both of us were dressed “too well” even on the most mundane trip to the movies…
Whilst the rest were dressed in shorts and slippers.
They called us the “Korean stars couple”.

*South Korean kpop trend of being perfect*

We.. just… like to dress up most of the time.

I’m off~

<3 Icesabel

Perfect Job Interview

Loved this article.

Script for a Perfect Job Interview

GARRETT, a MANAGER: So, tell me about how you’ve used ZET technology so far.

BRYCE, a JOB-SEEKER: Let’s see, I used ZET this year in an automation project. How do you folks use it here?

GARRETT: Um, let me ask the questions, Brent. I mean, Bruce. Brandon? (Glances at resume in his hand.) Bryce.

BRYCE: Okay. I don’t mean to throw you off track. I just have one question.

GARRETT: What is it? Make it fast. I have to get through this list of questions.

BRYCE: I’ll be quick. Is this interview going to be the sort of thing where you ask me a bunch of questions and I answer, and then you ask another question?


BRYCE: Okay. Thanks. I understand. I want to save your time — I don’t think it’ll be a great match in that case. Thanks for your time today. It’s been great to meet you.


<3 Icesabel


Excited upon hearing the news on this FPS game by Blizzard!!!!

5 of the 12 heroes of Overwatch aka the ladies.. >_<


Role: Support

Real Name: Angela Ziegler
Age: 34
Occupation: Field Medic, First Responder
Base of Operations: Zurich, Switzerland
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)


Role: Offence

Real Name: Fareeha Amari
Age: 32
Occupation: Security Chief
Base of Operations: Giza, Egypt
Affiliation: Felix Security International


Role: Support

Real Name: Satya Vaswani
Age: 28
Occupation: Architect
Base of Operations: Utopaea, India
Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation


Role: Offence

Real Name: Lena Oxton
Age: 26
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: London, England
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)


Role: Defence

Real Name: Amelie Lacroix
Age: 33
Occupation: Assassin
Base of Operations: Annecy, France
Affiliation: Talon


<3 Icesabel


Warning: there are spoilers

I’m sorry… I hated it.
Was already wriggling around, feeling restless and bored to death, less than halfway through the “close to 3 hours” movie.
Was I the only one feeling sick due to the rotation in the earlier part of the movie?

I love engaging movies.. thought-provoking ones.
It’s that kind of movie… it makes you think.. you need to listen to grasp the concept.
Ok.. that’s fine.
This one takes physics to the next level.. that’s alright too.
I understand the terms and the story well enough.
They explain it clearly even to someone who doesn’t know much about all these jargon and theories.

It’s pretty much a story about a dad and his daughter.
Dad wants to save his family (and humanity).
Professor Brand lied to everyone who had real human feelings about trying to save everyone, when all he wanted was to start human population from scratch on another planet in another dimension.
His son wasn’t shown in the ending part (probably his family and him died due to lung complications).
His daughter aged while he looked the same although he was already 127 years old (was it 127? I can’t remember).
All because he travelled to planets where, for example, 1 hour on the first planet they travelled to = 7 years on earth.

Trying to save the humanity race and eventually, you realise that there is no “they” aka another lifeform.
This “they” are actually the robot and Cooper.
In fact, the robot was the one who “shook” Cooper off being a shipwreck, to make him stop and think straight.
Although, Cooper trusted on his infinite love and instinct as a dad, something the robot questioned about.
Plus, someone saying that he thought he was ready to die when doing his mission and still sent out messages that the planet was a-ok when it isn’t only because he wanted to be saved and eventually yearn for human company.
All in all, these are what makes us human.

Christopher Nolan mentioned that his new science fiction blockbuster Interstellar is like “a mirror image” of Inception.
This is not even a scratch of Inception.
I LOVE Inception.
Now, that was one that I really enjoyed.

It was interesting at some parts, but, most of it was just plain blah.

Maybe… just maybe… I would’ve liked it, if, it wasn’t that long and had gone to the more important bits quicker?
Somehow, there were a handful of people who loved it, so, I guess it’s probably just not my cup of tea.

If you want to know more about the physics of this movie
Here’s The Crazy Physics You Need To Know To Understand ‘Interstellar’

<3 Icesabel

12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30

Hur hur hur… let’s go through the list.
Original post via

  1. Travel Alone
    I’ve travelled alone overseas a couple of times.
    It wasn’t as if it was a choice though.
    I mean, the initial trip was for work.
    But, I went to places… everywhere… anywhere… alone, by myself.
    Going back to the hotel late at night, enjoying the life, views and people around.
  2. Dinner for One
    Who hasn’t done this?
    Ok.. maybe I’ve been doing this way too often since I was young.
    I’m the loner-type anyway.
    I enjoy my me-time.
    My girlfriends throughout the years (school, work, etc) would ask, don’t you feel weird when you’re alone?
    I wonder.
    Well, I don’t.
    I love it.
    Plus, I don’t even bother to do anything else, except, daydream while I wait for my food to be served or whilst eating.
    Not even something else to accompany me, like a book, for example.. don’t need that.
  3. Make Friends With An Enemy
    Many times.
    Sometimes, I didn’t even know that we were enemies to begin with.
    I’ve had a few enemies that I didn’t know hated me until much later (throughout my lifetime) and by then, they actually told me they used to think of me as an enemy, without informing me why.
    I never asked any of them why.
    Never thought of asking.
    Didn’t think about it, until, when I was way older.
    Didn’t even know I was that carefree, when, the real fact is that I do keep grudges even when I keep saying I’m letting it go and with all those “sorry” thingys.. due to the way my brain works.. plays like an old record at times.
    Honestly, when you’re friends with an enemy, you get to know more things eventually.
    What was the saying again?
    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.
  4. Tell Someone “No” Without Giving A Reason
    A lot!
    No means no.
    When Icesabel says so.. that’s a full-stop.
    Shut up and move on.
  5. Get Lost Without Your Phone
    Although I’m a geek and do love the positive impacts it offers, I’m actually not attached to my mobile phone at all.
    As long as I have the phone numbers of those I love, that’s enough.
    I rarely take pictures or update anyone on my status anywhere.
    GPRS? Nah.. no thanks.
  6. Go On A Date With Someone Who’s Not Your Type
    When I was in my late teens, I dated a lot of guys.
    Mostly weren’t my type.
    The worst was this super tall guy who had to bend down a lot just to walk in the bus who had super bad breath.
    It was so bad that I wanted to puke every time he spoke.
    Not exaggerating.
    It was just… horrible.
    There were a few who were the opposite of me, someone really outspoken or those who love to go clubbing/drinking. (On the contrary, I was extremely meek until I was in my mid 20s).
    They never became my ex-bfs… just guys I dated.
  7. Make Something Then Try To Sell It
    When I was in my early teens, a company contacted my music teacher, who chose me and another girl, to sing for an educational CD, which was sold country-wide.
    We actually got conned, because, the both of us weren’t paid when they promised to after the whole thing.
    But, we were all still young (including our teacher) and naive that we just let it slide off.
    Anyway, all we lost was our free time anyway.
    Instead, our pretty young teacher brought us out for lunch since we did got moody after the whole ordeal.

    Also made another CD, sung with a few of my other friends and was distributed to the whole school.
    For free though.
    I can’t sing for crap now.. my voice has sucked over the years.
    I was in the choir (one of my music teachers, 2 teachers throughout the 4 years there, fave students I guess… ’cause I was chosen with a few others – who were usually always chosen, as well – for competitions, etc).

  8. Visit Relatives You’ve Never Met
    Travelled with my family, especially with my grandma, to Sumatra, Indonesia, to visit my great-grandmother every few years.
    The first time I went there, I had a “crush” on someone, whom I eventually found out was my relative.
    >_> Pretty much the “rank” of an uncle!
    The village is on top of the mountain and took hours to travel up the steep slope.
    No road lights at night and the place is untouched by outsiders.
    Farms all around, cold and perfect waterfall and a river, animals roaming freely around.
    Only a few houses had a tv.
    Internet? Dream on.
  9. Ask Someone Out Who’s ‘Out Of Your League’
    Umm… I’ve asked a lot. >_<
    I’m the kind who has no patience for a guy to make a move.
    If the person doesn’t reciprocate positively, I can move on.. or stay as friends and that’s that.
  10. Give Your Lunch Money To Someone Else
    Giving up money is hard?
    Only when you’re extremely hungry yourself and you really need that dollar for your own consumption and energy to live.
    Else, I’m become extremely sappy and emotional when I see pitiful people.
    I die inside every time.
    Think of it this way.
    If you could afford to spend that extra couple of dollars on Starbucks or makeup or branded/expensive goods or whatever other stuff… you can afford to give away that money.
    What is it to you that it is to them?
    I might start to swear in my heart if I see that person do something stupid afterwards or find out that they were actually “acting” or “abled to work” or “have more than enough, but, doing it for extras anyway”.
  11. Move To A New City (country, because we only have one city here in Singapore)
    I wish I did.
    I did apply for a visa to migrate and work elsewhere.
    It was when I wasn’t attached to anyone and I was just randomly working and got bored of the life I had.
    After the approval a month later and months of planning before that, my hubby came back to my life and asked if I wanted to stay.
    I think this was about 5 years back.
  12. Fall In Love
    What have love not ever done to me?
    I love God, first and foremost.
    Then, my family and my hubby.
    I’ve learned to love life and appreciate a lot of things in life, based on the bad life experiences (the lowest of the low periods).
    I love breathing and at times, it makes me feel at peace and for me to yearn to stay in that second forever.
    I love the different kinds of smells/scents that bring back different ranges of memories.

Hummm… whuuuut?… I’ve done all except one (which was going to happen).
But, who knows, some day, we might move to a new country as a family. XD

<3 Icesabel

Join me.. and sing~

This is embarrassing.
But… it’s fun!

One of the songs I sung… lol~

I downloaded Smule’s Sing! Karaoke, 2 days back.
Am addicted to singing..
At horribly off-key pitches!!!
But, I’ve not had this much fun for a while.
Although, I’m only playing it when I’m at home and free (thus, taking away my time to play other computer games).

Sing! Karaoke


Search for Icesabel, if, you want to add me.
Who cares if you’re horrible at singing…
Just join in the bandwagon and enjoy!!!
I actually love the group singing.. sometimes.. it’s just so hilarious to join in.
<3 Icesabel

They called me the “Ebola girl”

Just wanted to share what I read this morning.


On my last day I met Emma and Kamara, both 17.
Emma told me her story.
How her father became ill, followed by her mother who worked as a nurse.
They both died – as did Emma’s three brothers and one sister.
Emma is the sole survivor of her family.
Her home was burnt down (apparently to “protect” the community) – with all her belongings.
She now has nothing left – not even a photograph.
Certain phrases are lodged in my mind – she said “Ebola has hurt me so much”, and she now feels “completely alone”.

Kamara also lost his Dad, step-Mum and brother and sister.
We sat talking in a deserted school (they have been closed since March) and they both told me how they were stigmatised and shunned by their community.
Emma said she was called” Ebola girl”.
With tears streaming down their faces (and mine) they told me how people were too afraid to talk to them and how they feared for the future.
I wanted to reach out and hug them – but of course, because of Ebola I couldn’t.
Both children are now part of the Children’s Forum Network, an amazing group that gives emotional support and love as well as practical support.
There are now thousands of orphans in the region.
We need to do more to help them.


</3 Icesabel